Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's Official!!!

Addie rolled over today! She was on our bed, so she might have gotten a little bit of leverage, but it was pretty much all her! Of course I didn't have the camera handy right then, but as soon as I thought about it I ran and grabbed it. So here she is, just moments after the big event!

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Sorry it's so shaky, I didn't realize I was such a spaz! Our baby is getting so big!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rolling over and growing up

Addie is so ready to roll over! She tried and tried this afternoon, so I put my camera on the action setting and snapped away. She just couldn't get past her bottom arm. Anyways, here she is trying her hardest.

Then she started getting irritated.

After a second of that it was like she gave up and looked forlorn.

Then she realized how hard she'd been working and yawned.

Here she is looking content just to stay on her side. Like a big blob.

Finally I took pity on her and rolled her the rest of the way over. She'll be rolling by herself in no time! Sigh. Where does the time go?!

Here is responsible Lex, doing her homework. I walked past her and she just looked so grown up! Listening to music and doing her homework... I can't believe she's really in junior high!

Christian has to read every night, so here is his sweet attempt to read his Ranger Rick magazine to Addie when she was way over-tired. He's such a good big brother!

Not very exciting stuff going on here, but it's a sweet life.

Friday, August 22, 2008

First play date and first school dance

Today Addison had her first play date! And Alexis had her first school junior high dance! Since I knew I couldn't get any pictures of Lexi at her dance, I had to take a lot of Addison on her play date.

Kirsten is my friend from the good old Arts Academy. She taught third grade with me and we became best buds! Jaron was born at the end of January, so we also got to be pregnant together. And at school all day. Dealing with kids. Lots of them. Needless to say there was a lot of complaining going on! But also a lot of fun! This is a picture from Kirsten's last day at work, just about a week before Jaron was born. And it's their first picture together. :) Do you smell a wedding photo???

It was so fun to see them together! Jaron looks so big compared to Addie! And he's already scooting and sitting up! Addison just watched him and all of his cool tricks. I'm sure her wheels are turning and she's thinking, how can I do that?!

Addie's saying "Wait for me! If only my top half wasn't so big I could go too!" She'll be scooting before we know it! :(

After eating and a nap, we put them together on the couch for a quick photo shoot. Here they are getting familiar with eachother. Or at least Jaron is getting familiar with her!

Then he got a little too familiar! Look at him going right to second base! And in front of the moms!

Moms are saying "Whoa! Hold on guys!"

Here is Jaron getting ready for the hand holding!

A little bit closer...

And he goes in for the kill! He's smooth! And so cute!

Baby love!

Picky Addie

Addison hates being covered with any kind of blanket. She manages to work herself out of blankets even when she's swaddled! Here's the game we played today as I was making dinner...

Here she is in the beginning...

Just getting started..

Working hard and having fun!

Half-way there...

Focus... now kick!


Almost done...


Look at that face! So proud of herself!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

4-D Ultrasound

One of the coolest things about being pregnant this time was getting a 4-d ultrasound. Here is our Addie on January 23, just a day before the six month mark and the day we found out she was a she.


Here is a picture I took of Addie yesterday, trying to get her in the same pose. I can see the similarities!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Yesterday was my first official day as a SAHM - cool online acronym for stay-at-home-mom. I found that out as I was searching for scheduling ideas, trying to get myself organized you know, I've never done this before! It was also my first official day without Matt because he started his new job in Sacramento! :( Sad for us, but he is really loving it! :)

Back to my SAHM day, Addison and I had such fun! After we took the kids to school she was still asleep so I took that time to get dinner ready using one of the greatest inventions ever! The crock-pot...

Addison woke up a little after 9:00 and we had some preschool time. We checked the weather, sang some songs (all educational of course!), and played with shapes. She is starting to hold things when we put them in her iron grip, so fun! PS: Why does my hand look so huge and manly in that picture?!

After our preschool fun Addie ate and fell asleep, so I, feeling totally domestic, made a pineapple upside down cake for a family home evening treat. Then, after cleaning up my cake and dinner mess it was already time to pick the kids up from school! On our way home from school I had to stop and get water. The lovely water in Clovis has too much fluoride and can turn kids teeth brown, so we refill our 5 gallon water bottles at Albertsons. I've never done it by myself, that's one of Matt's jobs, and I was quite worried about it. Getting the bottles into the truck was okay, but I knew the hardest part would be getting the water actually onto the dispenser. Here is my journey...

The beginning...

Getting the bottle on...

Almost done...

Look at those guns! And not a drop spilled!

So even though we miss Matt A LOT, we are settling nicely back into the school routine. And I know I won't get so much done everyday (like today for example), but yesterday we had an awesome, educational, and productive day! Me and my bad SAHM self!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Garbage Art

Christians homework for the week was to create a piece of art out of garbage. So for our family home evening activity tonight we brainstormed and worked on his project. Lexi had a really cute garden idea, but in the end the pig idea we found online won. And it turned out really cute and was fun family time.

Tornado Fun

Last night around 9:30 as I was enjoying some Olympic gymnastics there was a big storm a-brewin'! They had been monitoring it all day and when we watched tv they have a little map at the bottom of the screen that shows you which counties are under what kind of watch or warning. Anyways, we'd been under a flash flood warning and severe thunderstorm warning pretty much all weekend, but last night they interrupted the broadcast to show that we were now under a tornado warning. They said they'd only seen it through radar and that we were under the warning till 10:00. So I immediately get online because I never can remember which one is worse, warning or watch. Oh, but before I got online to check, I looked out the window just to see what was going on.

So I find out that the warning is worse, it means they've actually seen (either through radar or eyewitness) the event occurring, instead of just expecting it. Then it says "Do NOT look out your window to see the tornado coming (oopsie), go to a safe place now." Well I believe in being better safe (and maybe a little silly) than sorry. So I got the kids out of bed and we brought their pillows and blankets into the hallway by the laundry room, where we would have ran if anything actually happened. We made the best of it and had a little party in the hall, watching tv and laughing and joking.

Turns out there was no tornado in Clovis, at least not that I've heard about. But Roosevelt County just to the south of us was under the warning till almost midnight. So needless to say, I was up till way past midnight. Not because I really expected anything, but just to be on the safe side. We are still under the flash flood watch and expecting more sever thunder storms tonight, so there might be more excitement!!!

Anyways, we thought we might as well document our night, just in case we did have a tornado. Maybe we could get paid good money for tornado footage!

Here is our safe little tornado shelter. Can you see the severe weather map behind us on the tv?

Here it is up close in case your couldn't see it there. We are the red one (Curry County) on the left.

As you can see we weren't too shaken up about the whole thing, we made it fun. :)

Memories from living just outside of Tornado Alley.

PS - For those that aren't familiar with the area, we are less than 2 hours from the Texas/Oklahoma panhandles, the real tornado alley. Last March, as we drove out of town for Spring Break, Clovis was hit by a big tornado (13 touched down) that took out our bowling alley, damaged lots of houses, injured 30+, and supposedly killed an elderly woman (I think it was a heart attack as a result of the tornado). SO we have been hit before!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Garden update

We got back to town and had a tropical rain forest growing in our back yard! It had rained here the whole time we were gone and our garden was out of control! I meant to get a before picture, but Matt woke up early one morning and hacked away at too much of it. But here are some pictures from the work party.

Christian is such a big boy! Can you believe he's already mowing lawns! Oh and I did some yard work too, but the photographer never gets pictures taken of her. Sigh.

Now our garden, and whole yard look great!

And we finally reaped some of the rewards! Yesterday, while I was chauffeuring kids around, Matt went out and picked some of our veggies. We had super fresh salad with basil and turnips. And fresh corn on the cob! Yummo!

The weeding was kinda tough, but we had fun watching everything grow so quickly and the veggies were so good!