Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wisconsin love

We stayed the night in Elkhart, Indiana. The day before had worked out so well that we did a repeat - Matt took the girls swimming while I replenished their car fun boxes, got outfits together, and packed the room. Delaney does not like dresses, (she likes skirts) but thankfully didn't throw too big a fit about this one.
My #2 all time fav rest area in Wisconsin. I love that they have a super safe spot to take fun pictures.
Florida has my all time fav - safe "welcome to Florida" sign and free orange juice samples =
We so crazy!
I made us a road trip bucket list, and one of the items on it was to get a trucker to honk at us. Success!!!
Matt and I have a kiss-as-we-cross-state-lines ritual, so here's the documentation.
We came upon the Wisconsin Dells right around dinner time, so we decided to check it out. First stop - taste testing some authentic Wisconsin cheese. 
Another bucket list item ✅. Of course, Delaney, who loves cheese wouldn't taste any, but the rest of us did.
Oh yeah!
And one of the littlest cheese heads.
Wisconsin Dells looks so fun! We totally want to go back and spend some time there! Very cute little city and the waterpark Capitol of the world.
Addie told us to sit down on the cow again and kiss, so ok.
And lastly, a lighthouse restaurant, just for good measure.

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