Saturday, June 18, 2016

from 8 1/2 to 2

the plan was to wake up bright and early and hit the road. it wasn't so bright and early, but we did breakfast and hit the road by 9:30. and  playing with your food is always fun.
our first stop was daddys work to pick up some paperwork and check out the big planes.

I can't even imagine knowing how to work this thing. so.many.buttons.

and it stinks. two thumbs down, really.

the girls had fun exploring though.

such little ladies, so prim and proper.
next stop - temple! matt and I took turns going in. I went first, and then we had almost an hour to kill before matt's turn. so picture time.
it was supposed to rain all day but ended up being beautiful.
while we waited for daddy we walked around the grounds.
I could take pictures here all day. not good pictures, but pictures none the less.
after this she said "aren't you glad I posed like that?" hand on hip - perfected.
seriously, all their poses. it's like they've been working on them their whole lives.
i'm so in love with the doors.
I told them when they get married here, we're taking lots of pictures by the doors.
franks and lanes informed me that they are getting married in Hawaii (slight Hawaii obsession over here, I think it's because Roslyn moved from there this year?) and addie is undecided.
little sister couldn't stay away.
might as well get all three.
it's not as easy as it looks to squeeze 4 big heads in.
they came up with this little diddy.
and lanes is always ready to stop and smell the... flowers.
the visitor center has added some cool things, like this 12 and under section. they happily played on ipads, read stories, and watched videos.
we even took a picture and got a print.
then laney fell and hit her lip on the table. after that we headed to a private room to watch the "8 stories" series where I could rub bloody lips back and calm her down. off to sleep baby girl went. we watched each of the "8 stories," and then had a few minutes to kill perusing the rest of the vc until daddy came. those cheeks. <3 p="">
the girls were a lot today. the rides up and back were not so much fun, and it's taken my road trip excitement down from about an 8 1/2 to about a 2. granted, they didn't have all their stuff to do, we hit lots of traffic, and it was a long day, but still. they were loud, unruly, and not always kind. hoping for better results on our month long road trip, which doesn't seem likely, but a girl can hope, right?

we hit chicfila for dinner and got home in time to tuck 3 very sleepy girls, and 1 thank-you-card-done-writing big brother into bed. happy Friday. :)

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