Monday, June 27, 2016

Pre road trip fun

I discovered that 8 year olds can legally be left home alone for short periods of time. One day I took the little girls to water the K tree at school, and left this big girl home alone. She opened the door for us like this:
She loved it and said she wasn't scared at all.
I captioned this: "Don't ever grow up. Your vitamins go from delicious to disgusting."
Chris had a blast at Skills! He sent lots of fun pictures and it looked amazing!
How cool is this?!
This came up in my newsfeed. A year ago we partied with T. Swift. (And thousands of our besties)
On Wednesday we went to the Breton Bay Beach for our preschool end of year party. Except only Sarah, Colleen, and Lindsay K could make it.
Cute little beach and cute little wedgie.
Chris was all excited to see mike Rowe at Skills. Eagle Scout buddies!
Friends and the beach, you can't go wrong.
Nerd alert.
Before going home we headed to our pool to rinse off and shower. Delaney walked around the pool and made some friends. She stopped and chit chatted with a group of teenage girls for a few minutes. When she circled around again, they were waiting and ready to talk to her. She's definitely my most outgoing girl.
Roslyn happened to be at the pool and these two 1st graders have the same toucan.
Bubba and friends posted lots of pics. These two were labeled "chris' twin."
Group shot!
Chris said they checked in so much on fb because that's what old people do and they were making fun. Whatevs.
The Louisville Slugger museum was cool and they got a free small bat. So fun!
The conference from Maryland's spot in the auditorium. I'm so glad he got to attend. It was a really good thing for him.

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Debby said...

Looks like it is going to be a fun and busy summer. Enjoy! I look forward to seeing all the pictures of your trip. Have fun!