Sunday, June 12, 2016

Addie's special day

Our baby girl got baptized yesterday.
We got donuts so she'd have a sweet and special breakfast to wake up to. And looks like someone got a visit from the hair fairy!
The baptism started at 10 and was really sweet. Matt picked the most 70's style suit there was. #stayingalive
We were so glad grandpa ray was able to join us! We missed lexi (and the rest of the fam) so much.
Delaney wasn't having any of the pics. She was in rare form. Grandpa gave the talk on baptism and Addie's primary teacher Sister Holness gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. We showed Mormon Messages while we got changed, and Addie chose to sing I am a Child of God, and I'm trying to be like Jesus. The spirit was strong, and it was very special.
Sarah got a pic of Addie with her class. We were only missing 2 kiddos. 5/6 of these kids have been together since before they were 1.
Silly shot! We were so blessed to have so many friends join us for Addie's special day. Mrs. G and neighbor Kim and Kk came too, so that was super sweet.
Lots of people brought treats to help, and I brought veggies, fruit salad, and chips and dip from the grad party on Friday, so we had a nice bit of refreshments. Then friends stayed and helped clean too. It was really a great morning. So proud of her.

She fasted for breakfast last week and did it happily and willingly. In our family we start fasting one meal at 8, 2 at 12, and then the full 24 hours when ready. 

We've had several fhe's to talk about baptism, gone over the booklets the primary gave out, met with bishop and Activity day leaders. And Matt and I will take her out for ice cream this week or next to talk to follow up with her. I think she was ready and understands as much as an 8-yo can. 

She went to her first A days on Wednesday. She was super anxious about it! Like, didn't want to go at all. It was super weird. She went to A days with me for over a year, and she was always excited about it. 7 and 8 has been weird, but she went and ended up loving it. Surprise, surprise. 

After the baptism we came home for about an hour. Then we headed to the Moran's for a ward council BBQ to increase unity among the council. They have an awesome tree house that our girls fell in love with.
Laney needed help getting up at first, but after about 30 minutes she figured it out on her own.
There were several high stakes ping pong matches.
And a few corn hole ones. Or "beanbag" if you are Laney.
Because of the busy summer day, only 4 families plus the missionaries were able to make it. It was nice, and even though it was 95 or so, it was nice under the shade.
They also have a fairy garden the girls loved and took a million pictures of.
We all brought food to share, which was easy for us. 3 different pasta salads (leftover from the grad party) and I even happily left the leftovers. 

No rest for the party people, so we stopped home to pick grandpa up, refill our pasta salads, and head to the Nelson's 50th birthday/30th anniversary party.
This girl loves her grandpa.
They had a depends piñata the girls enjoyed whacking. Until the piñata whacked back. Frankie, and then almost every kid after her, got a hard depends full of candy to the face. It was pretty funny!
D hit too, but I had to help, so no pics. 

Group shot!
Lots of yummy food.
I got roped into playing Prune Pong.
Addie volunteered to drink one of our mystery drinks for us - pickle juice. I drank tonic and a thickish banana juice drink. There was also muscle milk, v8, cranberry juice, and a few other older peeps drinks.
Prune pong winning team right here! Kathy, Johnna, and I. I got 3 pongs, so not a bad showing. Who knew?
After that it was finally time to go home. It was a wonderfully full day, and honestly I wouldn't have it any other way. Makes me enjoy the free days that much more. 

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