Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Summer - day 2

This is what the girls love to do with grandpa:
He's got lots of shows and movies on his laptop and he's all too happy to share.

Delaney spent some time reading to her dolly this morning. Be still my heart.
Grandpa headed out around 9:30. It was a good and quick visit, and Frankie especially was sad, but we're all excited to see him in a few weeks. Also, Delaney is such a little stink.
We took Joseph to work and brought Maggie home with us. She took the girls to the park and played all afternoon. Our chore today was to clean the wood floors. I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't cleaned my wood floors since we had our washing machine problems and we had drywall dust everywhere, which was end of January. Yikes, they were dirty. 

I really wanted to go to the flag day ceremony, I've wanted to for 7 years, but once again, it didn't work out. Instead we met streeters at the pool. I haven't been getting in because it's been so cold, but tonight I got fully in, and I fully froze. I just say no to cold water. 

Tonight is girls night at Jodie's. We're glad to have her back. Last night Jodie, Darlaina, Laura, and I walked 5.74 miles. It was great. I love me a nighttime walk b

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