Wednesday, June 22, 2016

1st day of summer antics

Monday morning dawned at 4:30 for two members of the Ray party of 7.

Chris' bus rolled out Louisville bound at 5:00. Loading up!
The girls and I did some cleaning and watered the kindergarten tree at school, and then we decided to go for a fun bike ride to the library to get our first summer reading prizes. Since Delaney can ride a balance bike now, (fast when she wants to) we can finally bike places together. Or so I thought. 

We took the shortcut through the hidden trail, and I didn't even think to warn the girls about trail riding. A and F went on ahead while I waited back with a pokey Laney. A few minutes later we heard a very hurt Frankie screaming. I knew she'd crashed, so I rode as fast as I could to get to her. Her bike was completely sideways on the trail and she was all scratched up. Her nose, knees, both elbows, and as we found later, her chest all got some decent road rash. She was pretty upset, so I was comforting her, when Laney shows up on the trail and, yes, you guessed it, crashed. Poor Addie had run back to check on Frankie, and then when Laney wrecked, she ran to her.
They were both crying hard and saying "let's go home! Let's go get the truck!"
It was one of those tough mom moments. Do we bag the bike trip and go pick up the truck or do we continue the bike ride??? I decided we needed to push through the pain and continue on so the girls didn't get scared of riding and not want to ride ever again. 

It was the wrong decision. 

Insult to injury, Delaney got a couple bug bites and was so itchy on the ride. She'd stop and scratch her arms and legs every few seconds, and of course she cried the whole time because her arm and knee hurt. 

Frankie cried intermittently too the whole ride. It wasn't fun. As soon as we got to the library we went straight to the bathroom to clean up and Addie got us some bandaids. D was still in a bad way. She wouldn't drink water or let me clean her off. She's just a tad stubborn. F let me clean her and bandage her up. The librarians kept asking if we were ok, to which I replied that we were not and thanked them for their concern.
Thankfully technology makes most things better.
Sadly, I had an appt and we could only stay about 30 minutes to ensure we had enough time to cry and go slow and all that on our ride home. Which we needed:
The ride home was better for Frankie, worse for lanes. We went slow down the hill, but her foot slipped as she was slowing herself down (no pedal balance bike) and she fell again, hitting her chin on the handle bars. She fell again as we crossed the street, and as she'd been crying the whole time just loudly wailed "I fell again!!!"

To try to redeem our day, after the dr's appt, we hit the pool. Big D was finally happy!
Addie was happy the whole time and thought the bike ride was great, fyi.
We love pool time.
Bubba finally arrived in Louisville and sent pictures of his super nice hotel room. He was so excited.
Delaney's happiness didn't last long. It was chilly and she was tired. This is her mid sassy sentence. We've had lots of talks about not talking back lately.
Sweet even when she's sassy.
That night Laura and i went walking and the strawberry full moon was gorgeous. Pictures don't even come close, it was so pretty.
And big girl sleeping.
It was a very long longest day of the year. 

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Debby said...

Never a dull moment with kiddos! I enjoy reading about your fun family and your adventures. A little water therapy can fix most problems. Enjoy your summer!