Monday, June 27, 2016

Kirtland temple

We got to the Kirtland temple in time to make some pb and j sandwiches and eat some cheese sticks for lunch.
It was crazy hot (93) and humid. My hair was a hot mess. And having people take pictures is always so fun! :/
There was no photography inside the temple, but it was a good tour and it's still a beautiful 180 year old building. We wanted a picture with the door in the background, but the random-person-horrible-picture taker strikes again.
So beautiful. They have around 40 meetings a year in this building now including a send off for the Kirtland football team as they went to the championships last year.
Matt wanted this pic because the last time he was in Kirtland was around 1980 and in a 1969 Buick station wagon.
My mom sent these fun travel games for the girls and they've been playing all day. So fun.

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