Sunday, November 12, 2017

Today and Wednesday and another day

Today was a good day. Good church, choir, visits, time at home. Matt taught his first eq lesson and it went really well. All around a wonderful sabbath. These sillies had fun playing winter with their hats and scarves. Cute homeless kids. 

And flash to Wednesday the 8th. Frankie had a program at school where they sang each of the military songs - Frankie’s class sang the Army one, and all the kids sang the Navy one together. Frankie also thought she was going to sing the Marine one, so she and the little cutie to her right belted that out too with one of the other classes. Frankie is like me, she likes to sing loud and proud, come what may with what sound comes out. She had chin out and up, head high, mouth wide. I. Loved. It. 

She also got to go to MakerSpace. 

That night was our off night for carpool. Our beautiful situation got mixed up and now we’ll do both girls every other week. Not the worst, but not the princess setup we had at first. Ads and I went on a date before A days. She chose Nicoletti’s pizza. 

It was super tasty and we had a good time. 

She is an odd little bird and sometimes I have to fight my own insecurities of wanting her to fit in and fly straight. She’s her own fun, quirky, precious little person and I am trying hard to let her stretch her weird little wings and fly. 

We had a few minutes to kill so we went to our new Hobby Lobby for the first time. I bought almost all of our knick-knacks stuff for our first home together in nm at HL. Addie is a fan as well and asked for this picture to prove it. 

A days and that quirky girl strikes again!

Tuesday was picture day and I had to laugh at Addie’s almost done hair. She and I had a difference of opinion in how we thought her hair should look, so I am just hoping her pic is better than last times. That shouldn’t be hard. P

And another day after baths she squeezed her old daisy hat on her head and wore it around our house all afternoon. She looked hilarious! Every time I looked at her I chuckled. Love this little weirdo!

This turned into a bit of an ode to Addie. She’s pretty awesome though, so that’s ok. 

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