Friday, November 30, 2012

more gymnastics... again

i know i overdo the gymnastics pics, i just think it's so cute and i like taking pictures. :)
i mean, just look at that mini pony-tail bouncing around.
how could i not take pics?
she took the monkey off the bars and carried him around with her the whole time.
they practiced their straddle together...
climbed together...
worked on the bars...
balanced on the beam...
after the fall they dusted themselves off...
and tried again.
and finally they swung on the trapeze together.
it was hard to leave him at gymnastics, but we'll see him next week.
goodbye for now, little monkey.

for frances

frances, as she will forever be known to my dad,
(his mom was frances mangold)
 got a package yesterday.
 packages, brown or white, are one of our favorite things too. :)
i told her it was for frances ray and she said "that's me!"
they are bookends that grandma frances painted.
(and made? i'll have to get with papa to get the whole story)
she said they were a farm (close enough) and was all set to take them up to her room and play with them during naptime.
 it took some bribing and a treat to get her to happily leave them.
i think frances likes them. :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012


10 whole months - by delaney

well, hellllo.
another busy month!
i had my 9 month check-up on nov 2 and just to recap - i weighed 16.15lbs.
just right. :)
i am such a hard worker, i climb all the way up the stairs several times each day.
a lot of times i go half way and then someone comes and gets me.
 but don't worry, i don't give up.
 i usually just head back right away.
i don't know what the big deal is... i've never fallen and i'm a perfect angel when i do make it upstairs.
sometimes frankie even helps me.
i also pull down any pesky dishtowels hung on the oven handle.
i'm sure my mom wouldn't want them there, so i take care of them several times each and every day.
i also like to help mom with her jewelry.
she really loves my help.
 i'll even crawl into tight spaces.
anything to help, you know me.
all the hard work aside, i'm still a pretty little princess.
a goofy pretty little princess.
one day, way after my peaceful doctors appointment, my mom took me back there and they pricked my finger!
and then, insult to injury, they put gauze and tape on two of my fingers!
i was so mad and i kept trying to get it off.
it took me about 45 seconds.
showed them.
i am sleeping a lot better, yay!
i usually wake up once in the middle of the night, then once around 6 or 7 to eat, then right back to bed. then i'll sleep till around 10 or 11 (if we're not out and about, which doesn't happen very often). then, depending on the day, i'll get one or two more naps. if i get two naps then i keep my mom company till 11 or midnight. if i only get one then i'll go to sleep around 9.
don't worry, even though we're getting a little bit of a schedule, i reserve the right to change it at any time.
and you know i will.
if i had to use one word to tell you about my month though, it would definitely be teething.
and for me that also means awesome faces!
and while i was getting my top two front teeth it meant fevers.
i was pretty crabby for a few days, but even through the pain i had to smile. :)
i was really not feeling well from weds-saturday.
my first thanksgiving was a bummer.
but my two big front teeth finally poked through and it was all worth it cause now i have the funniest mouth of cute teeth.
i also started saying some words.
for a long time i've been saying "mamamamamama," but this month i very clearly said "mama."
and i've got such a cute little voice.
i've also been saying "dadadadadada" for awhile, but i say "dada" now.
aaaand just for good measure i say "bubba."
sometimes that's "bubububububub," but i know who he is.
 now sissy's really working hard to get me to say her name.
we'll see.
i do not say frankie.
 in case you were wondering.
i'm still trying lots of new foods.
(love my cool faces)
celery is pretty tasty.
and i like eggs!
i also tried turkey, muffins, carrots (not mushy, bleh), apples, pancakes, goldfish (love 'em!), pretzels... pretty much what the big girls eat and sometimes what mom and dad eat.
nursing is still best though.
(mom and i definitely agree on that. :)
i also:
*iget really shy when people give me attention, but i really love it.
*am such a good waver.
*really like talking to people too. i'll bounce and say "uh!" and then we'll do that back and forth for a long time, it's great.
*have zero interest in walking. i don't even like standing anymore. when my mom tries to stand me up i just sit right down, i won't even make my legs straight. walking, who needs it?
*can be such a loud crier when i really need attention. and i have a good screech too. :)
i really like cameras and trying to help mama take pictures of me.
today i was laney the red nosed reindeer.
playing at the park is coooold!
but bath time is so fun.
even with addie and franks.
alright, until next month, friends.