Monday, February 28, 2011

addie the cheerleader

christian had a basketball game on saturday, which also happened to be his 13th birthday but more on that later. anyways, out of no where addie started cheering. and cheering loudly.

(i don't usually recommend watching any videos i upload, unless you're in my immediate gene pool, cause they're usually really long and maybe not all that interesting. but if there was one to watch, this would be it. it's short and cute. and i hope you appreciate addie's skater shirt. i though i would make matt and christian happy by letting her wear that and they both appreciated it because they both kept saying how cute she looked. and the tiara had to be worn for good measure. and not sure what she says at the end there, but i think it's something about watching dora.)

looks like someone's been watching her sissy!

11 whole months - by frankie

only 1 more month until i turn 1! can you even believe it?
i sure can't!
this month we went to the library a bunch of times.
i can't decide if i like it yet.
we also went to the park a bunch of times.

  i'm getting so big that i'm finally able to play with the toys there.

it's prett-y fun.

my mom's been putting these, these shoes on my feet lately. a lot of them don't fit because of my fat feet and ankles.
 but she squishes my feet in there anyway.
 one day my dad put me in a laundry basket and pushed me around the room. then addie saw how much fun i was having and had to get in too.

she's always all up in ma business.

 then she took over the pulling of my laundry basket. right after this picture was taken she pulled me into her room and shut the door. i. was. terrified.
i'm eating lots of solids now. pretty much anything anyone else eats. 
not sure why my mom thinks it's so funny when i fall asleep in my high chair, but she does.
i crawl up all the stairs now. i even go down the right way.
look out!
here's how i wave.
my bff roni came over (she already turned 1!) and my mom tried to get some pictures. but guess who butted into them all?
we weren't paying attention anyway, so the pictures were terrible, but still, there's addie!
our mom's were trying to get us to stand up by ourselves here, and even though we both know how to, we wouldn't. not for a picture at least!
park again. and those darn shoes again.
these were after i went down the slide,
i walk everywhere! as long as i'm holding onto an edge.
i also decided to make my dad happy and take up skateboarding.
pretty fun.
lucky for me i won't be crawling this summer because i do not like the way the bare floor feels on my knees. i do a bear crawl anytime i don't have pants on.
there are always things to be done around here. i am seriously unloading all the time!
it's pretty fun, so i don't mind the work.
stillll only have ma 2 bottom teeth. they've been my only teeth since the beginning of november, so they're pretty long, it looks a little bit like an upside down bunny mouth with my 2 long bottom teeth.
i love our baby couch.
with a baby and a shoe.
not much else going on. i don't really say any words. i haven't really learned any new tricks. i'm sleeping through the night almost every night. i like most food. my mom keeps saying that instead of getting more brave as i get older, i seem to be getting less. i hate baths, mostly because addie splashes a lot, but even when i'm by myself i only like to stand. if i happen to sit down in the tub, forget it, i'm screaming. i'm super bashful. when people say hi to me i just bury my head in the shoulder of whoever's holding me. then i look up after a few seconds to make sure people are still looking at me. i can also be pretty patient. like when i play peek-a-boo, i will wait 15-20 seconds before boo-ing. but if i'm hungry or tired, all patience goes out the window. alright, i've got things to unload and messes to make.
see you when i'm one!

frankie beans

Monday, February 21, 2011

and a very happy presidents day to you too.

cause ours has just kind of been eh.

nothing much going on here. this past week:
~addie developed an eclectic style. i'm going with it. for now.
~christian took some pictures of frankie and she looked majorly like an alien. conehead much?
~lil' miss also developed a new look. i thought maybe it was her top teeth coming in, (she's still holding steady at those bottom 2) but nothing yet.
~we had some beautiful sunny days and went to the park with abby and sarah. some park days go better than other.
i've been trying to get christian to practice, practice, practice. i even bribed him with a dollar per basket for his game on saturday. i didn't have to give him any dollars. :(
or not.
those two!
and these two, too.

am i crazy that christian climbing the spider with addie didn't phase me?

she loved it.

~we visitied with the neighbors.
~we had a beautiful sunset.
~the kids played in the field during the beautiful sunset.
ha ha, those capri's are size 18 months. i figure they can go straight from addie to frankie. :)
~addie and abby killed some bugs and then addie ran like a maniac.

~on saturday i went to bootcamp at 7:15 and then with some ladies from the neighborhood to vintage source (a cute vintage shop that only opens one weekend a month). i bought a bench for our entry way but i think i'm having buyers remorse about it. i'm not sure though...

then when i got home, we all fought about cleaning. i swears, if we didn't fight about cleaning, we would all get along famously.

we all made up though, just in time for christian's basketball game.

they lost. bad. :(
~on sunday we had waffles and ice cream
don't knock it till you've tried it.
i was skeptical, but oh, it was delish and i think we might have a new sunday tradition.
(church, waffel-O's, nap, americas funniest home videos, and ice cream)
~addie read us some books.
she is a very strict and bossy teacher.
do you love her dress? i do! i had been watching the price at target. it was $12.99 ( gasp!), then went on clearance to $5.99 (still gasp!), then finally to $3.24 which is when i snatched it up. i loooooove it!
~addie took some sleepy pictures of us.
this was before we took the worlds nicest nap on the couch. both of us all squished up together, but it was so nice!
ps - i seriously need to put a picture over that couch! it looks so empty.
~we did a puzzle. i've been aching to do a puzzle for-eva and much to my chagrin i found that we didn't own one. so when i was perusing the dollar tree last week, i came by this little diddy and yay! 
ps - the dollar tree also carries all of kate gosselins books which i think might make some great white elephant
our puzzle got a little more difficult when baby-kong woke up.
and then ginormica woke up too and it was pretty much over. it was also 7:30 and we hadn't fed anyone yet so we shelved the puzzle. next sunday, yo!
~christian avoided pictures.
until addie agreed to play with his hair, then he didn't mind the pics.

~frankie threw some fits.
but as soon as i held her she was fine. weird how that happens.
look! she has hair!
~today christian was t-r-o-u-b-l-e. i am learning how to handle things though and by dinner he seemed fine. we had hawaiian haystacks and i made a george washington cherry chocolate birthday cake. i've never made a bundt cake before, can you tell?
you might wonder where lexi was all week. i'm wondering the same darn thing. 
and this was our week in review.
and a very happy presidents day to you too.