Wednesday, February 27, 2013

pre-birthday buzz

on monday alecia hosted our kids day out. matt was working late, so he went in late and was able to drop the girls off for me. laney and i ellipticaled it and then got all dolled up and met up with janette, lisa, jodi, and chrissy at ledo's. i got a spinach apple salad that was delicous and half the price of olive garden. thinking of switching my italian dining prefernce.
i picked the kiddos up, dropped addie off at school (insert mommy guilt for dropping her off at one place and immediately picking her up and dropping her off somewhere else), and headed to sarah's to work on christian's birthday slideshow. nothing like waiting till the last minute! and definitely nothing like good friends that pick up your slack when you wait till the last minute!
left sarah's, picked up addie, swung by the house to pick up christian, and off to sports clips for a pre-birthday haircut and massage. that place is fan-cy! we stopped at dollar tree for some birthday balloons, on to target for some couponing, and then finally met up with lexi at red robin - she had been driving with her instructor and now she's all ready to take her mva test on friday. yikes!!!
chris deviated from the traditional japanese steakhouse birthday dinner for some never ending fries and rootbeer floats. our wallets thanked him.
our server was all over it. no surprise, franks finished her juice sup-ah fast, and he quick style brought her another one. so i got a pic of her celebrating with her bottomless juice too. that would be her best birthday dinner, non-stop juice bar. just keep 'em coming!
and silly addie climbed into the high chair.
and silly lexi texts. like a lot.
poor matt has worked late every night this week. our wallets thank him.
no birthday dinner is complete without a song. :)
despite some tired kids and flying solo, it was a really nice dinner and we had a great time. i got a salad - so that's 2 times eating out and 2 times making good choices, go me! addie was funny, after christian had a few bites of his birthday sundae he was done, and no one else wanted any either. so addie had to go to the bathroom and when she got back she ate the rest of the sundae. way to make room, addie! daddy and papa, and really, who am i kidding, momma, are proud. :)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunday, February 24, 2013


since i'm on a catch-up streak here...
for christmas addie said she wanted a purple robe.
 i did my best and she didn't like the one i got her.
 so nani came to the rescue and sent these.
addie was being silly when she first tried it on...
but she really loved it!
little model girl.
and frankie attempting the hand on hip.
we're still working on it. :)
love this goofy girl!
we are such a robe family and now the little girls can be too. :)
thanks, nani!!!

snow ball

these girls decided to go to snowball with just the girls.
i like when they do that.
i'd also like if they put some more cloths on.
big deep breath.
they went over to amy's to get ready this time.
pretty girls!!!

sunday, sunday

church was great today.
talks, lessons, all of it.
good stuff.
delaney throwing an after church fit.
addie helping her.
daddy and 3 babies.
not cooperative picture takers.
big girls already took their barrettes out, laneys throwing a fit.
and we're done.

lexi is at peter's to bury poor goldie. 3 days since purchase.
the rest of us are enjoying a nice day of rest. :)

the rest of the week

on wednesday we went to a fun playgroup at quinn's house, dropped addie off at school, and then on to sarah's so she could help me make christian's birthday slide show. that night matt had a meeting at church, so i met him there and after his meeting he took the girls home so i could have my meeting.
like 2 ships passing in the night.

that night i was up till 1 picking pictures for said slide show. why oh why did i wait till the last minute? hate when i do that. i woke up thurday morning feeling notso-hotso. we trucked on to frankie's gymnastics anyway, and then came home for a momma/laney nap. i was still thinking of trying to get addie to school, but just felt icky, so we called it a napping afternoon.
until 3 at least, when we had to pick up lexi from school to take to the dentist.
i hate cavities.
but i love cute babies that sit on toys.
when we got home i transferred little girls to big kids, put delaney down for a nap, and went back to bed.
chris was trying to teach them the peace sign. :)
on friday something exciting happened. i decided that come what may, i am wearing my wedding ring again! i haven't been able to wear it since i got pregnant with d, and i'm terrified of it getting stuck on my finger. i think i've come far enough though that if it gets stuck it will come off with soap and water. yay!!!!

then, not so exciting, i had to go to the dentist to finish my root canal.
gross alert.
my root was bleeding so much when they started my root canal (months ago) that they stuck a large piece of cotton and a temporary cover on it to try to let it heal. well, lucky me, it's still bleeding. so now i get to go to a very expensive specialist to see if he can perform a very expensive root canal, or even better, extraction. oh yes, white trashdom, here i come. i might be missing a tooth very soon. no worries though, i can pay another exorbitant amount to get a permanent tooth put in.
 oh, will my dental woes never end?
 friday was a half day, so christian asked if i could take him and 7 friends to the drill hall on base to play basketball. the weather has been rainy and gross, so i was happy to take them to do something. the only problem was that alexis was driving with her instructor and my car doesn't seat 11.
so we squished.
one in the back trunk, 1 squeezed between addie and frankie in the back seat, and 4 squeezed in the middle seat with laney (she's all the way on the right).
then mike and i rode in style up front.
after we dropped them off we popped into the commissary.
and when i say popped, it's a one cart full, $200 pop.
that's how this mama pops.
when we got home, addie and frankie went over to play with ashby.
rapunzel went too.
it was still raining when cute arden walked them home.
not to worry though, these little fashionistas are set for rainy weather.
after that, peter, courtney, and her bf kevin came over and a and p made chocolate covered strawberries.
then they watched pitch perfect, love that movie!
these 2 girls didn't start cuddling till the boys went home around 9.
bright and early saturday morning matt and frankie went on an adventure to get the oil changed in the truck. i dropped chris off at his ham radio class. and then on to gymnastics!
daddy bought addie these cute (big) tights that she wore under her dress to stay warm.
these are all through the window pics, but still cute.
love her face as she's getting directions.
walking backwards on the beam.
big girl.
and jump!
and hiding.
little brattie. :)

chris snapped some shots on the drive home.
safe driv-ah!
and yes, i'm driving, not chris.
addie finished some homework.
just look at this angry heart!
i swear, the girl has a gift with ark. (as she calls art)
when franks crashes, she crashes hard.
the rest of saturday had nothing on the agenda and it went by sooooo fast.
like i blinked and it was 9.
we also:
watched a movie (valentines day)
worked out (me)
napped (franks, lanes, and matt)
washed the truck (matt)
went to the snowball dance (alexis)
dinner (all)
bathed (all)

the question

alexis came up with a cute way to ask peter to prom. since they want to go to leonardtown's prom, she asked him. she went and bought a fish and had me write on his tank.
the little girls loved him!
we asked them what his name should be and addie came up with "goldy."
very original.
it says -
"of all the fish in the sea, will you go to prom with me?"
so tuesday night alexis and christian and i went to deliver goldy and pop the question.
about prom.
he really liked it.
and so did his little sister.
not surprisingly, fish are big hits with the younger crowd.
he said yes. :)
not so awwww, after that we headed to the police station to report my identity theft.
yes, that morning i finally got around to opening the mail and found a walmart credit card and an apology from target that they couldn't open a new card for me since i already had one.
from huntsville, alabama.
turns out someone went on a walmart shopping spree with my name.
that took all afternoon to contact all the people i needed to.
the weird part, i have a friend that used to live here but has since moved to hawaii and she had her identity stolen by someone in alabama that went shopping at the same two stores, just 15 miles away from the ones mine were at.
i don't think so.

presidents day

we spent our monday off from school at pete's cute ninja turtle birthday party.
lovin' the girls couch/boy couch thing they've already got going on!
miss d has decided that walking is not so bad.
they played lots of cute games. they pinned the mask on the ninja turtle.
franks went first and she wasn't quite sure what she was doing. :)
purple ninja turtle!
and the gang.
addie was being clingy with me.
they threw ninja stars.
again, frankie wasn't quite sure what that was all about.
we do princesses over here, not ninja turtles.
lanes wouldn't even wear the mask.
after the party fun, we headed over to mccombs to get our president on by watching lincoln.
the only best movie nominee i've seen, thankyouverymuch.
we had pizza at pete's party and pizza at mccombs.
then we came home nice and early and got ready to start the week.
and a blurry bonus:
 when delaney cries at night, she totally gathers up all her stuff like she's going on a trip. she has her minnie, her bunny, and her little lovey blanket (the cute one that lisa made her) and she's ready to go.
silly laney.