Sunday, September 3, 2017


Miss Delaney requested breakfast in bed on Wednesday. She came and checked in with me several times Tuesday night to make sure I'd remember to bring her breakfast. 

Kind of a lame breakfast in bed experience when you're on a liquid diet, but whatever. 

Amanda picked the girls up that morning for another viewing of the free summer movie and then she took them back to her house and kept them all day. Really, we were home all day, and we really could have had them there, but it was so much easier and kept things going so much more smoothly that they weren't home. Amanda also brought each of the girls party favors from the party we missed on Monday, and also a ton of individual servings of fruit smoothie mixes for D, such a good idea!  Delaney loved the pretty bracelets and necklaces. 

Another friend brought a punch balloon and d got busy with it. 

Bubba was home that day and helped us with a nail painting machine Jodie had given us. Love this fancy brother of theirs. 

Laura gave each of the girls these cool bowls with straws attached and they were the hit. Chicken broth was also quite the hit, which was surprising to me. 

Love these cute pre/k friends. Brady brought Delaney flowers and it was just the sweetest! She looked so banged up that I think it really affected a lot of her friends, and so many kids were worried about her. We made sure to spend time with each visitor that came. I wanted to make sure the kids that came by knew that even though she looked rough, she was ok, and still our sweet Delaney. 

That day chris gave brenna his big gift for her before she headed off to school, a picture blanket. 

These two have been an item for such a long time!

This is one loved little lady!!!

Very silly too. At one point, she gathered all her balloons and jumped off the couch to see if she would fly, and about gave me a heart attack. She was just feeling so good that she felt she should be back to normal.  

This is a picture of her riding her bike down the hill and daddy there to help her. Gotta love kindergarten drawing. 

She was feeling so much better this day and also kind of sad that she didn't get to go with friends like her sisters. Thankfully she had gotten lots of fun gifts to keep her busy, including some new play dough toys. 

Nola and noreen came over as her primary leaders. 

They were both so shocked to see how well she was doing. They kept telling me they just had no clue what to expect and were so happy to see her up and happy and busy. Nola read her a cute book on her iPad and brought her some fun gifts. 

She felt so special to have her primary leaders visit her. I'm so grateful for adults that love my children. It makes such a difference!

Playdough is messy so not my very fav, but injuries, and bored 5-year-olds have a way of loosening me up. (It's still out and being played with now 2 weeks later)

Colleen and Amanda met here to drop our girls off and swap kids with each other. These 4 preschool friends were cute with each other. 

Jodie brought a special Wade smoothie for Delaney and as they visited it was decided that she'd give Delaney her girls old American Girl wardrobe. I insisted she didn't have to, but they are in the process of moving and she wanted to. D was (and still is) in heaven with the whole thing. 

She'd watch tv and get bored. And repeat. We did lots of puzzles! Momma loves puzzles!

And that wrapped up another day in our recuperation week. Our fun summer adventures had come to a screeching halt, but we pulled together and made the best of it, with a whole lot of help from our loved friends. 

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