Sunday, September 3, 2017


Tuesday was a good day. Laura picked the big girls up for the free movie and playtime and I was able to focus on our sweet girl, which surprisingly took more time than I thought it would. 

Because her wounds had never been cleaned, her lips fused together with dried blood. She could only open the tiniest slit on the left as you look at her. I forced some meds on her and that helped her to eat/drink again. And she was so precious with her little hand resting on me. She's a gracious patient. 

Big sistahs were worried about her, but having them occupied and out of the way really helped. This was their day at the Flippins on Monday. 

They loved painting kindness rocks. 

And their sweet little creations. 

And their Tuesday adventures. This whole thing gave me a new perspective on service and that's always a good thing. We know and love some amazing people. 

Meanwhile, I had convinced our precious patient to take a bath. She still didn't want her face washed, and I didn't push it. I figured the steam had to help, and I had also placed a warm compress and then Vaseline on her lips. It did the trick and before long she was able to open her cute little mouth. 

Her bath was the turning point. After that she came back to herself. She started talking and showing her personality. And after the girls got home she even played with them and made jewelry with the beads laura and Maggie brought her. 

Our visitors kept coming too. I should have been writing things down, but when you're in crisis mode that's not really what you think about. I wished I'd have gotten pictures of her with all her friends too, but again, it wasn't on my mind but for the few times I remembered when our guests were still here. 

Oliver and mom came back and dropped off the neighborhood cards and hid a kindness rock for her. 

She loved finding it and loved all her cards!

People were SO thoughtful, creative, and generous! And I am 100% convinced that the kindness, prayers, cards, calls, texts, gifts, packages, and service helped to make something that could have been miserable really not. 

Friends made jewelry and cards and she seriously loved every single one!

She was fully back to her sassy little self and we were so grateful!

This baby. I never knew! We have this bond that is so strong, and spending a week focused almost entirely on her strengthened it even more. 

And then baby boy. I think I had texted him and asked when he'd be home and he sent me this pic of him in bed. Or something. And don't worry, I have let him know that creeper-stache has got to go. 

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