Monday, May 15, 2017

Mothers days and 5K's

Addie has been participating in running club for a few months now. They have trained every week to be able to run the Leatherneck 5k. Saturday was the day! This little Addie lookalike requested a pic with my glasses. 
Unfortunately we have had a major rainy spell lately and Saturday was wet, cold, and windy! We layered and poncho'ed up and we were ready to run!
She kept the poncho on for about a mile before she ditched it and I got to carry it the rest of the way. I let her set the pace, so we did lots of walking. 
There were some tears towards the end due to a running cramp, but she was a total trooper. It was really kind of miserable and I was so proud of her that she did it! She was so happy to get her medal! She asked me when I got my first medal so I was able to impart some wisdom about believeing in yourself and working hard. 
It was an emotional and challenging weekend. A family in our ward lost their son suddenly and that has weighed heavily on my mind all weekend. Then we also had a date night planned, but something else came up and that got pushed back. Alls well that ends well and datenight was semi-salvaged. Alecia was so sweet to host and it got me thinking that this summer would be a great opportunity to do date night swaps. 

Mother's Day was a wonderfully lazy and pampered day. Started off with breakfast in bed and then I was presented with lots of special cards from my artistic girls. They had guarded their school made cards so that they were a big surprise to me. They are so sweet. 
We sent this cute shirt to my mom. She's one cool grandma!
I also got a nap, ate some delicious leftover lasagna, and got to choose a family movie. I talked to both the college kids and left a message for my mom. Pretty good Mother's Day!

Addie loves the "I survived" books, and Delaney was reading and pondering the one about Pearl Harbor one day, so we sent a pic to grumps. His dad, my grandpa, and the girls great-grandpa actually did survive Pearl Harbor. 
Grumps sent us back this:
And then a little bit of this. To which sassafrass said "I don't even know who that is," and walked away. 
She also sent papa her patented Laney texts. She writes each persons name, first, middle, last, and usually adds the age for good measure. It looks like this:

Ray 5

She did every family member and because she's a slow texter, we left papa in suspense for awhile. Fun with the five-year-old!

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