Friday, May 26, 2017

Arts in Bloom

Delaney borrowed my phone towards the end of our presidency meeting. 5 year old selfies are the cutest.

And then for lunch, little Miss refined taste enjoyed some pepperoni and cheese. Cause she's so fancy. Also, she likes her pepperoni served frozen, please and thank you.
After our meeting and dropping D at school I went to help alice pack. Moving is the pits so I was happy to help. 

Picked the girls up, quick snack, and time to head to Addie's gymnastics. And that is why we love our no schedule summer. I know some people love summer camps and some people have to continue the summer grind, but I am so grateful to (after many years not having this luxury with my big kids) be able to stay home and enjoy summer laziness. S'wonderful. There was a thunderstorm while at gymnastics and we stay in the car because dance studios are straight cray cray. D did not care for the loud sound of the rain on the car or the lightning and thunder. But she told herself "Delaney, you're safe, your ok!" like she does when she's anxious and she was just fine. . 
Straight from dance to the school for the Arts in Bloom event. We were able to get in on the cookie decorating.

The girls loved decorating their emoji cookies.

heart eye emoji for lanes - all the heart eyes.

And kiss blowing emoji for Frankie, all the kiss blowing.
Addie the good sport and good sister let the littles do the cookies and she went to do cupcakes. Those were some loaded cupcakes!
They had artwork all around the school. Every student had art displayed. Pre-K is doing the alphabet backwards, they started when there were 27 days left of school. They do a new letter and art project each day and it is so very cute! I taught D to sing the alphabet backwards and she is so hot stuff! Each day has a theme, so today was F for finger painting day. Anyways, super adorable, D loves it. Her piece is the ladybug. :)
Frankie had some angst, but she was trying hard to smile for this picture. She couldn't remember which sushi plate was hers. She was positive it was one with a red bowl, but when I peeked at the name on the back, it wasn't hers. She was just SO sure it was and she was so upset. Finally Matt and I peeked at the backs of all of them. Another class friend came by and he couldn't remember which was his either, so totes a first grade thing.

When we finally found it she did her patented Frankie laugh and "oh!" and all was right with the world again.

Addie's art was a little lame, not the piece actually, but that we've already seen it because this was her Square One art.
We tried these fun noise making sticks. That was a crazy loud room! D the dancer was jamming out! She was dancing all over the place.
We also line danced with Ms. McNeil and Frankie sang karaoke. But more on that to come.

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