Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sock hop

Our family dance this year was a 50's themed sock hop, and katy did such a good job!

At the last minute I sent grandpa and Matt up to Wally to look for dance accessories. 
They came back with tulle and some sweet shades. (:
Laney hated the tulle around her neck, but loved her shades. 
such a sassy little lady!
I took addie and maggie with me early to help set up and work the snack table. Since we were early, we got to take some photo booth pictures before the crowds. 
Grown up girl!
Frankies sweet reading buddy, Maria, always comes to say hello. Everybody loves Frankie. 
Towards the middle of the dance, Matt took Los tres to the photo booth. For some reason, addie was having none of it. 
But everyone else looked pretty cute!
And the gals again. 
Daddy kept the girls all night while I stayed at the snack booth. We were busy! And only made about $150. Proceeds add up pretty slowly when they're $.50 at a time. 
Love them. 
Darlainas phone ran out of battery, so Matt took pictures, but he doesn't quite get the "get excess kids out of the family photo" rule. #photobomber
Chris from our neighborhood took lots of pictures that I sniped. 
It was such a cute night!
They had Just Dance set up and the kids danced along. 
Gymnatsics buddies. 
I guess Addie's trying to dance?
Love this!
It was another totally fun night at the LES!


St Pats was lame this year. There were no leprachaun tricks, (no matter how many times sweet addie asked and looked around) no green food, no treats. About all we did was wear green clothes and green headbands. Some years are this way. 

That night we had missionaries scheduled for dinner, but also winter sports awards. I knew about each one, just not really in conjunction with each other. We gave away our missionary night (hate having to do that!) and Chris and I went to sports night. He got a participation award. (: hopefully this season he'll letter. We're also working on him becoming a leader as he's one of the captains this year. 
At bedtime, addie took up knitting. She said she looked cute and requested a picture. I'm always happy to oblige. (:
That tuesday grandpa came to town! Hooray!! Then one day we watched the Myers girls. We love us some babies!
Loralei and I were buddies. 
That night we also had A days and piano and gymastics earlier in the day. That was also the day people started texting me about seeing Chris' picture on the schools website. I looked all over the LHS site, but couldn't find it. I finally asked Chris and he showed me the picture was on the school districts main page! They took pictures at one of their dental visits. That's my boy!
One day Frankie came down with her robe on backwards. We are crazy, crazy people!
On Thursday night we went to the stake RS meeting. I drove the jolly green with Shelly, amber, Laura, Sarah and little miss A. Shelly had mentioned wanting cafe rio, and just as soon as she did that I just had to have it. So as soon as the meeting ended, we bolted out of there and everyone had a yummy pork salad and girl talk. Doesn't get much better!

On Friday, the first day of spring, I drove up to the scout shop in preparation for the boys COH. There were snow flurries on the way. On the first day of Spring.
That was a busy week with every spare minute dedicated to COH planning. I still did all my normal things, playgroup, work, etc, but every spare second was COH. 

That night Chris went to a fireside and dance at our building (they're never at our building!). The fireside was put on by the SVU baseball team, and during the dance they had some kind of baseball throwing game. Chris had a good time at both.
The rest of us headed to LES for the family dance. Supah fun!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Missing weeks

March 12 - 

Our week at the doctor continued with mine and Frankies appointments. We really like our new doc and I'm feeling better about the switch. 
That night Alecia hosted a birthday party for Christina. I had been up super late at night and super early in the morning going on a week at that point, and swore I wasn't going to stay late, buuuuut 3am came and I was just getting home. Oopsie. 

Love me some sleeping babes. 
March 13 -

Addie and Chris to the dr. Between their appointments we had just enough time for mcd's. 
That night was miss Adeline's birthday party. For her gift, I finally finished her birth story. I hate when I procrastinate. It's always fun to visit with friends and the kids played outside for most of the night, so it was quiet fun. (: (the one pic I took. This is becoming a theme with me - bad picture taking and forgetting!)
March 14 - 

I don't really remember other than that we went to Katie's party and we brought potato skins. Half the ward was there and it was super nice and super delicious. 

March 15 -

After church, Christian and I headed out to Calvert cliffs to take some pictures of his completed eagle project. While we were there a British family came hiking by and stopped to see his project, their two boys were scouts as well. They told Christian how brilliant (bloody so!) his project was and were very sweet. 
I sniped this picture from fb. I love where we live. (:
I don't know.... late night cuteness? I know this had a story, but that's the problem with blogging about 3 weeks ago. Mama don't remember. 
I do remember that one day we woke up and things were blooming! It's like spring happened overnight! And then winter, then spring, then winter again. Can't wait till we have tulips, they're my fav!
March 16 - 

We went to playgroup in our neighborhood. The girls had fun playing playdough. 
And eating muffins. 
Little miss had such a runny nose and itchy eyes for weeks! (She's finally better!)
We have new Gymnatsics carpool buddies in our neighborhood. This was my day to drive and the girls had plenty of time to be super silly as we were in stopped traffic that took us an hour to get home from LP. An hour with 4 crazy little girls!
And this is probably enough fun for one post. (:

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Happy 5th birthday, franks!

My 4th baby turned 5 today. It's crazy that this picture of the birthday twins was taken 5 years ago today. What a whirlwind life is!
As she went to bed she said she'd had "the best day ever!" I hope this is true in her little life. We did all the usual birthday stuff. All day she insisted we call her the birthday girl or the birthday pook. We all happily obliged. 
A complete birthdays rundown to come when I am not windswept (39 degree + wind, 3 hour track meet) and pooped. For now, happy birthday to this sweet, sweet frog. 

Monday, March 23, 2015


It's done! It was a wonderful night and it's done. Today felt so weird, not having anything to plan. Sooo nice. More to come, but for now I am basking in the doneness and trying to make heads or tails of my home. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Not the funnest day I've ever had

*steve jobs says funnest is a word, and that's good enough for me

We've begun the process of switching doctors. It's been such a difficult thing to come to terms with, but Matt and I both felt it was for the best. 

Delaney was our first patient of the day at the early morning hour of 8:30. Though we were there till 10, I still think the switch will be ok. Dr hunt seems very nice, and no, she's not an actual hunter. Trust me, Frankie asked. 

Because we got done at 10 and had to be back by 11, we opted for a quick lunch and playtime at McDonald's. Chris' appt at 11 went well too and we had just enough time to drop franks off at school after. 

Then it was home for regularly scheduled duties including, but not limited to google, COH planning, housework, and bills. 

When the girls got home it was rush, rush, rush. Today was the rescheduled science and technology night and setup  started at 4. Quick dinner, quick tidy up of the ladies, and quickly to school. 
We brought juice for judges and whoever wanted to try her experiment. She was the most popular kid in school for a few minutes there. All the kids concurred that their eyes really could fool their taste buds, it was cute. 
The projects (shockingly) didn't go according to plan and I put together frankies board last night around midnight. Someday things will go according to plan, right?
They had fun walking around and seeing everyone's projects. 
Delaney had off and on complained of a tummy ache all day, and at the school she decided she needed to go home. I won, so I got to bring her home. (:
And lastly, when I dropped Frankie off at school there was a boy in the front of the line saying "Frankie, Frankie! I have something for you! Frankie! I'll give it to you!" This is what I found in her backpack. so cute. (:
So to recap, not the funnest day, but also not the worst.