Monday, December 31, 2012


more and more random happenings:
*auntie amy found a ton of berenstain bear books at costco so i had her mail them to us and the girls got them for christmas.
bookworm frankie (and addie) loves 'em.
*matt got industrious and hung our pot rack.
i guess i should have gotten a picture of the finished product.
next time.
*the missionaries helped lex finish 1st nephi.
now she's trucking.
have i mentioned that i just love these guys?
*we went to bus buddy tyler's birthday party.
sad news - no more bus for us since tyler tested out of the special education program.
addie was a lil' bit clingy, but she agreed to play pin-the-tail-on-the-elephant as long as i held her hand.
frankie didn't care where i was, she was all over the games.
and she was playing with all 4+ year olds.
girlfriend is crazy.
*on saturday we went to a surprise birthday party the missionaries put together for sis. weaver.
she lives in a retirement community and all her friends had fun holding delaney and playing with frankie. (addie stayed home sick with matt) it was really sweet and i definitely want to go back for another visit.
*because cash registers are fun no matter how old you are.
*we also put the missionaries to work helping with the batting cage.
it's still not done. :(
they were in their suits so matt grabbed them some cloths so they wouldn't get their suits dirty.
we totally southern maryland'ized elder vaterlaus.
and he loved it.
*christmas gift fun.
*i love when kids are sweet together.
ipad fun.
*and more christmas gift fun.
it's been a stay-at-home kinda christmas break.
we haven't really done much of anything and i've had a little bit of cabin fever.
so christian and i went shopping saturday night.
we made some returns and spent some kohls cash, i love spending time with that sweet boy when he's sweet.
today was a linger longer at church. the yummiest linger longer we've had in a long time and it will be the last we'll have for a long time since next week we're going to 9am meetings. so sad!!!
we haven't had too much of a nye plan, but i think (hope) it's starting to come together.
someone forgets that someone is only 14 and that can make things hard.
hopefully we can get it together and have a nice night.
that is all. :)

Sunday, December 30, 2012


the benzies are a hit.
frankie still won't steer.
we're hoping she'll figure it out soon, cause it's already getting kinda old.
and pictures of 2-year-old and 4-year-old drivers are just too fun.
who has time to worry about steering when you've got baby sister cuddling to do?
not usually a problem until you crash into a fire hydrant.
i accidentally took this pic as i realized she was about to hit it.
don't let her hands on the wheel fool you. there was absolutely no steering going on.

11 whole months + 1 day by delaney

you want me to turn off the tv and write my blog post?
uhhhhh, ok.
i actually don't watch much tv, but i do love to listen to music.
and i love to dance!
yup, i can stand!
i do it all the time.
but i do not walk. if i need to get somewhere crawling is the way for me!
i keep pretty busy playing.
this little kitchen is a favorite toy because it sings to me and teaches me spanish.
let's talk sleep.
i am switching up my sleep schedule a little bit and it's totally throwing my mom off.
i'm switching up nap times and lengths.
i've been waking up earlier and taking an afternoon and an evening nap, instead of morning, afternoon, evening. and i still wake up at night, a girls gotta eat!
usually when i wake up i just play quietly in my bed for awhile.
unless i wake up dirty or just plain mad.
then i scream, and i am pleased to say that i am prett-y loud.
let's talk bathing.
i'm still bathing with addie and frankie.
my mom tries to keep me safe from them.
but sometimes they get to me.
this day i was a princess.
do you like my crown?
cause i don't.
now let's talk laundry.
i'm still doing it.
sometimes i even balance the basket on my head. ;)
i love hamming it up for the camera.
and i love mom and dads bed.
i crawl around and then make sure people are still paying attention to me.
i also love being outside.
even though it's cold, it's nice.
and my cheeks keep me warm.
both sets. ;)
i'm always on the go, always getting into something.
and i've had some scrapes and tumbles this month.
the worst was when i fell down the stairs right in front of my mom.
i cried, she cried, it was so scary.
thankfully i'm pretty sturdy!
then i've fallen several times trying to maneuver around this crazy place.
one day i hit my cheek pretty good.
i'm okay though!
i like to make people laugh with my 6 jack-o-lantern teeth.
aren't they funny and big?!
i also like to make goofy faces.
(i know it's blurry, papa, i've been trying to tell her to use the good camera!)
we celebrated christmas this month.
i really liked the tree and presents.
this one was my favorite, though.
a doggy dream lite!
(cause some certain sisters call me delaney the dog. i don't love it.)
i had to really check it out to make sure it was okay.
and it is!
see how cool it is?
i also enjoyed finding candy left around.
reeses pieces are delicious, just for the record.
addie and frankie got cars for christmas, so i got to take a ride with them one day.
addie's a pretty good driver, but that frankie-girl...
keep your eye on the road and your hands on the wheel, you maniac!
she's fun to cuddle with, even though we did end up in the grass over and over.
and over again.
nothing else new going on.
i am working on an awesome high pitched whine for when i don't get my own way.
it's pretttty good.
and now i'll leave you with my patented mr. smithers.
almost 1-year-old,