Thursday, August 3, 2017

Life's good in LG 5k

The Saturday before Labor Day the girls and I donned our running shoes and hit the road! Daddy was still recuperating from his back injury so he just cheered us on. 

Delaney has been wholly unenthusiastic about fun running every year, so this year I really really pumped her up for it and it worked!

Pig tail posse!

Frankie found her buddy Roslyn and ran with her. 

Addie got a pre-run stretch in. 

And we're off! This was not the first year that the race started while I was in the bathroom. 🙄

I let Addie lead the way again, so we walked when she wanted to, which was not infrequently. Two miles in!

She cried and complained a little bit. I feel quite certain I couldn't have run a 5k at 8 years old. We made a big deal about how awesome she was that she's run 2 before her 9th birthday. She rocks! She had it planned out that she would cross the finish line and collapse on the grass for a few minutes. 

After a few she'd recovered enough for a picture. 

These cute friends got their faces painted. 

And this cute girl. 

5th LG 5k! (I think?)

2 strong girls! I so want my girls (and boy!) to know that they can do hard things! All things through Christ!

And now for some nicer pictures that I did not take. The Kona Ice truck came and we enjoyed. 

A sea of pink! 

Frankie is mostly blocked in this pic, but there she is trucking!

And baby bug! She ran the whole way! She complained with a smile on her face. And she made quite the impression with those shades. 

And a cold baby after a cold dip in a cold pool later that day. 

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