Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Brownie!

Right after the pool opened Frankie had her Daisy bridging ceremony. 

They "crossover" the gazebo as they "bridge" to Brownie. 

It was a fun and learning year with a couple new leaders. I was the money manager, so I did my part too. 

Sweet Daisy girl. 

Matt and I finally gave up and ironed on the last of her patches. Patches = 🙄😩

That is one cute Brownie girl! We will let her use Addie's vest and do one year of Browniea since she will already be in A day's in March, which just seems super weird. 

After the ceremony they ordered pizza and had a pool party. 

The water was freezing and it wasn't super warm outside, and this little baby bug was coooold and ready for a shower. 

We love our pool! 

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