Monday, June 30, 2014

No pics of laney

None today! Can you even believe it? I do, however, have a whole lotta pics of Joseph! Love that boy that found I don't lock my phone. (:
I got to visit with Alecia this morning and heard all about her fun trip to NYC. I love living on the east coast where a quick trip to NYC is possible!

Then we went over to the mc's for basket weaving 101. I really want Laura to teach me to make a basket for my stairs, but she's holding out on me. Apparently one shouldn't choose such a complicated basket for ones first foray into basket weaving. But one should talk to ones basket. "Be a square!" and "stay straight," were said as children gently shaped their baskets to their correct size. But seriously, Laura is so talented, we have a list of fun things lined up for her to teach me. (:

After the basket weaving I headed to D'a house to scrub some baseboards to help as they move out. In a true "out of our hands" predicament, sweet D is moving out on Monday, final walk through on Tuesday, and having baby #5 on Wednesday. Craziness!

Daddy took the girls to the pool while I went to visit Shirlene. I also worked ma job a little. I finally managed to get in my goal of 2 hours per day today. That's more than I've worked in the last two weeks combined, so I'm doing pretty good. I will make my 10 hours this week!

Speaking of work... Chris found this hat in the lost and found, and after several weeks of no owner claiming it, (even after he's modeled it around the pool several times) he's calling dibs. He's planning on taking it to seabase. I am so proud of my lil' lady. (:
It was a full of friends, hot summer day. 

those school days!

i snapped a pic of addie's terrific kid pic at the school. that is one cute terrific kid!
i spent a lot of time at LES during teacher appreciation week. we covered lunch and recess duty, so i got to have lunch with the littles. 
addie's got a thing for nurse phillip. she goes to see him at least weekly. it's become a little bit of a joke, but before i knew that, it was a little bit of a concern. so i talked to her teacher about it and she said not to worry, everyone loves nurse phillip!
(he's a short ginger with a dry sense of humor, what's not to love)
the kindie's visit him regularly, so miss huber's class made him a poster that said something about how he was everyone's super hero. 
this was addie's picture:
and she does love him. 
she really does.
my co-room mom and i got together to make our teachers a special teachers appreciation gift. we collected almost $200 for our class parents and got them each gift cards to their favorite stores and then made this picture and a cute one with their fingerprints. two pinterest gifts and a hefty gift card, that's good, right?
(i am a bad person, i asked addie which picture she wanted to hold and she chose the heart. and i let her have the best one. nepotism, much? right?)
i helped at muffins for moms on thursday and then matt came along to help on friday so i could enjoy my muffin with addie-socks.
we hung out with little miss G whose mama was in charge of the whole morning. cutie kinders!
cutie, messy kinders. addie sat down and ate a chocolate muffin, but then when she stood up her whole bummie was covered in chocolate. how did that even happen?
after the muffins, we presented miss huber and mrs wagonner with their gifts. love these teachers! i am so thankful that addie had such a wonderful kindergarten year!
group hug!
all but one apprehensive little guy. :)
my hubby can usually be found doing the floors after any event. that's the job most people don't want because it takes forever, but matt volunteers. it's nice to be nice. :)

Frankie loves Landy

Frankie still loves Johnna's grandson, Landon. It's pretty cute. (:
 little Peyton is getting so big! Frankie loves going off on her own with Johnna and crew. 
We had them come play with us at the pool one day. Saving all these pics for their wedding slideshow. In 20 years. (:
And what is a blog post without a million pictures of laney!?
I don't even know the story behind these, but she's got some awesome hair!
And expressions. 
My blog plan has involved me going back through my phone and posting all of the iPhone pics first. Then I'll tackle the other cameras. It'll be awesome. Next up: Amy's visit! Trucking through this blog catch up!


sunday hi-jinx. 
the girls were all on daddy's back, but i snapped a second too late because they'd already fallen off. and then delaney wouldn't climb back on, darnnit. :)
i love 1:00 church. 
i love sleeping in, (which, according to addie i am always doing?) making pancakes, cuddling, and watching joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat, all of which we did today. 
the little hoarder with her mermaids, lovey, and minnie mouse. :)
 love her!
and more of lady-lanes. :) 
matt is the membership clerk, so he goes to church early, and today he took frankie with him. lexi was at harrington's, and christian went with brenna's family. so i was home with just #3 and #5, which doesn't usually happen.
they looked so cute so we had a photo session. :)
 lexi had straightened addie's hair last night, which always makes her look older, and laney actually let me put a cute barrette in her hair, so i just couldn't resist!
this is what 6 and 2 years old look like.
and like a mcd's ad, i'm lovin' it.
it was a nice and peaceful sunday morning.
i know, i have problems.
and finally, the fb winner. what can i say? i love pictures. :)
i am also loving teaching primary! my class is so fun. the last time i taught primary was back in seattle... 8+ years ago, and we used to sit on the floor all the time, so my guys and i stretched out today. love it! :)
we had missionaries over for some runny chicken alfredo. i swear i am the most inconsistent cook ev-ah! it's so frustrating! oh well, it was still good, just not as good as it could have been. brother eli also came over. they are moving into our neighborhood and he seems really nice. 

after dinner, and talk about every gory injury we'd ever heard of, (funny how some dinner convo's go south!;) we walked over to the buxton's to wish rachel a happy mission. she is leaving for california on wednesday. i could potentially send lexi off on a mission in just a year, and chris in 2. it would be so hard, but will also be so amazing. i am so excited for the buxton's!

Sunday, June 29, 2014


saturday morning matt and chris headed out to saturday #3 of eagle project work at cavert cliffs. it is a long process! and it is so hard to let your scout do it himself. but i can honestly say that chris has done this himself. every unorganized aspect. ;)

while they worked i went to get maggie and grace to hang out with us for the day while their parents were at camp/temple.

i asked delaney if she wanted to go potty for a treat and the big girls asked that if delaney went potty that they could get a treat. i said if they helped her then they could. so they all stood around her as she sat on her froggy potty and cheered her on. it was pretty cute. after much persuasion she finally made a pee-pee. everyone was happy. :)
if you are getting tired of pics of this bugga-boo, then quickly scroll through. 
cause, come on. 
when your baby climbs up, tells you she loves you, and asks if she can cuddle, what are you gonna do?
please let these moments last! please let me remember these precious moments! please let us stay this close!
happiness. :)
 mosquitoes love this girl as much as i do, poor little bitten face!
and one 6-year-old having a tough time. it's hard when friends don't do exactly what you think they should do. especially when your inclination is to pout about it when/if they don't. :/
the big girls were pretty into the treats and asked for ways to earn more, so i told them they could pick up 15 things for one treat (small candies). they were all over it! they'd run around picking up toys in the basement (where there is a plethora of treats to be earned) and come up and carefully pick their treats. i felt a little bit bad, like i was sugaring up my girlfriends kids to do my bidding, but i did plan on taking them to the pool to burn off all the sugar, so i didn't feel too bad.

anyhow, they cleaned the basement while i did the wood floors and then we hit the pool!
every hour they have a 15 minute adult swim time, so we have lots of snack/water time. daniel laid out his towel and it was monkey-see, monkey-do.
we went to the pool from 12-2 and matt and chris still weren't home...
one of addie's friends gave her $10 for her birthday, so she thought about it and decided to buy a snorkel set.
and doesn't she look awesome in her gear?
towards the end of adult swim time, all the kids sit around the edge of the pool and as soon as the whistle blows, they jump in. addie's a full on swimmer, not fast, but efficient.
frankie is a partial swimmer. she swims better than she thinks she can swim. she lacks confidence, but that's ok with me because it keeps her safer. she doesn't like to wear our ladybug puddle jumpers, which is not ok with me. delaney is fearless. she doesn't like to wear the ladybug either, but she does love a little floatie hippo innertube. she'll get into it and swim all around, even the deep end. she likes to "splash," which is to jump off the side with the floatie toy around her waist. i asked her yesterday if she wanted to go under water and she said "yeah!" so i dunked her. after being a little startled, she said "again!" i taught her to hold her nose, so the rest of the afternoon she'd come to me, hold her nose, and say "let's go under!" love it!
i've got a little pool routine down. i take the girls into the girls room where there are 3 showers, and each girl gets their own. i take their suits off and wash them, then put their pool cover ups on and head home. it's so nice not to have to worry about bathing them when we get home! 

m&c finally made it home after 4. they are still waiting for mr grubby to make the sign, but other than that we are done! we've almost got ourselves an eagle!

that night we took the littles to emily prettyman's wedding reception. it was a cute barnyard theme. we ate and matt danced. and laney played on daddy's phone. :/
she is obsessed. again.
while we were at the reception, alexis and chris went to pick up elder vaterlaus! he is no longer an elder, just visiting for m&r's sealing. they visited at the herrington's for awhile and then brought shelly home to visit. i love that kid! so glad we were able to hang out if only for a little while. :) 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Beach day

Every year at the end of preschool we have a little beach party at Christina's beach. Between crazy schedules and crazy weather, this year was a little difficult, but we finally made it out. (Several weeks ago:)
It's a cute little beach and always a good time. 
Little miss brave went all the way into the water. Thankfully the jellies aren't out yet!
To show how far out she went. She was totally fine out this far, but later when a toy went out and was drifting even further, none of the kids were willing to go get it. They all just stood on shore freaking out, so Christina had to wade out in her jean capris. That's what we get when we don't wear swimsuits to the beach. :/
One of the best parts of swimming, and really any outdoor play. Except that they don't stay asleep upon the transfer. That would make outside play dates nearly perfect. 
Ps - have I mentioned how crazy I am about this baby'o'mine? I am constantly swooning over her. I love her little elf ears, almond eyes, chin dimple, and crazy hair. Her sweet voice and goofy habits are total bonus! Probably every mom feels this way about her caboose, but I just can't get enough of this chic. (: