Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day

Father's Day fun. Matt requested oatmeal and eggs, only we forgot the eggs in our fruit salad making haste. But that's a pretty breakfast, right? After 15 or so years, we finally got new plates and glasses and I love them!
Today was Stake Conference, which I don't totally get but I know we're not the only stake to do this. Matt and I took a long nap and then watched Beauty and the Beast while I made dinner. Matt requested chicken enchiladas, which are not my fav, but turned out pretty tasty. We also had Better than Shopping Cake which turned out super yummy. 
I had heard of a book that all men should read, so I bought that for Matt. I noticed I'm on a book buying kick and I haven't read any of the ones I've bought, soooo probs time to stop that. Anywbo. 
We also got him a pillow from IKEA. Can you tell we had fun shopping at ikea? Love that place. So he got two gifts he didn't even know he wanted. (:
Papa also got something he didn't know he wanted. A tshirt with all his grandpa names. Papa, gramps, grandpa, old man river, and my personal favorite, grumps. It fit and got there on time, so that's cool. 
I even managed to have the girls make some cards. Addie's 1st page - there were 4.   
Frankie's cute card, complete with a papa 'stache. 
And Delaney's scribble scrabble that she assured me was an actual picture. I forget what she said it was, but you know. 
We also played a rousing game of hide and seek and called our dad's. It's been a good day. 

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