Thursday, June 15, 2017

Cade's birthday!

Today is Cade's birthday. we took him our traditional C chocolate chip pancake for breakfast. We're on a breakfast in bed kick (again) soooo. 
We went to our traditional Okada lunch. We had our traditions Frankie freak out over the fire. 
We got one of our favorite chefs and everyone had fun, even franks. 
I love watching their faces!
As is tradition, both the boys caught the shrimp, and only Frankie (maybe Addie?) did from the girl team. 
Lanes declined participation in the shrimp throwing. 
 Awkward happy birthday singing is also traditional of course. 
As is my "find any box to wrap this present" method of gift wrap. We sent a pictionary game to their apartment so they don't have to lug it home with them, but still wanted something for him to unwrap. 
We remembered the group pic after matt had already left to head back to work. :/
Some birthday grocery shopping, they took a birthday nap, followed by a birthday movie. I'd say that's a good birthday!
The rest of us enjoyed Alfredo with these cute guys. The girls love them and tease them and we had another great summer day!

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