Saturday, November 19, 2016

summer to fall

we had another saturday with nothing on our plates. i am simultaneously grateful for these days, and also feeling like a slacker for not planning anything on them. this one though was nice, as i'm still not feeling 100%.

we had a meandering morning that culminated in me taking addie to lily's house to play. i had several stops to make, but decided to make just two, to old navy and ross. going easy on myself. :)

matt washed and washed and washed the truck. not a cleaner truck in all the land, i can guarantee. then frankie and i headed off to johnna's avon open house where frankie won a door prize (she wrote frankie michelle ray on her entry) and we had a nice time visiting.

after that we went to cvs. it was 75° and absolutely beautiful all day. and then we came out of cvs and it was like a whole different day. it was windy and the temperature had dropped at least 10 degrees. and we weren't in there that long. a cold front blew through, and it blew through hard.

when i'm sick, my body craves healthy whole foods, so matt picked up some salad mixins when he picked addie up, and when f and i got home he'd made a lovely green salad for dinner. after dinner i went to shut the one last window that was open and caught a glimpse of the sky.
"oh my gosh! everybody head out front! hurry!" the sky to the west was the most gorgeous warm pink color. to the east it looked like it was going to storm, but no need to snap that.
pictures don't even come close, it was seriously so pretty.
we watched tarzan for family movie night. i put my foot down and demanded a classic disney movey. they tried asking for a bunch of sequels, but no. there is only so much garbage tv a mom can semi-listen to while doing 18 other things. classic disney or nothing. they begrudgingly chose tarzan, and then loved it.

then on to baths. after, addie put on my robe and was pretending to be me. then franks climbed into bed with her and we joked that we should trade beds for the night. so they all cuddled so nicely. then when i went to get a picture, litte miss uncooperative wouldn't chill out.
it was either "look at me!" or under the covers. i showed her my disapproval by not rubbing her back during scripture time. teach her a thing or two.
speaking of her, (again, but really she's around the most) this is how she often gets babysat by bubba. laptop, in the front room, with candy, and toys, so bubba can watch something not appropriate for the 4 year old on netflix.
it's amazing she's as well adjusted as she is.
and also, this is how she's been playing with wikistix lately. half cool, half creepy.
addie and i have only a few more chapters till we finish anne of green gables. i am feeling so sentimental lately, and cry through half of my reading time. addie doesn't even give me the side eye anymore, she just rolls with it. i just love it so, and i love sharing it with addie. only one more chapter till matthew dies, and oh my, i will have the tissues ready.

franks looks and feels a million times better. she definitely needed some momma love. her lip was awful and she doesn't like to take her medicine, but mommy magic is real. bubba has been knocking crabs today, and lexi and i texted back and forth. busy big kids.

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