Sunday, November 20, 2016

greenwell field trip

{jumping around}
before halloween i got to go on a first grade field trip with my best 1st grader. it was also wear red day, so holla.
i got this cute group of 6. and no, that cutie in the adidas shirt is not in the water, just a trick of the eyes.
it was an absolutely beautiful day. perfect temperature and clear blue skies. the kids ran and ran.
greenwell is a cute little state park a few miles from our house. this is a pilot program that mrs. g volunteered for, and we loved it.
we collected different sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. lots of fun nature up in thar.
the kids each got this little fairy person to decorate.
franks named hers lexi.
then we went down to the beach and made fairy houses for them. most 6 year olds weren't into it, and after trying for a few minutes, i gave up.
franks and roz used this old log to make their shelter.
then each group got an animal to study about. we had fish and shrimp.
other people had hamsters, a turtle, and big beetles.
after we studied and wrote about ours, we got to go around and check out other peoples.
then they had to move like their animal and search through a bowl of beans to find a jolly rancher, all like their animal.
the fish and shrimp kids couldn't very well use their mouths (gross), so they got the little pinchers. frankie with her reward. but then she still had to take the wrapper off with the pinchers and her mouth.
working it.
and finally, i'll just use my hands real quick like.
these orange type fruits looked like brains. nature is cool. mrs. g told them they could bring home one thing, and i was happy when frankie did not choose to bring her brain home. you know what i mean. ;)
another field trip in the books.

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