Thursday, November 17, 2016

hello, old friend

i have missed my blog. and simultaneously dreaded the catch up that i know i will make myself do. i still have some sick in bed time to capitalize on, so i might be able to catch up a little bit.

i woke up tuesday with a sore throat, and by the time i got home after my presidency meeting i had chills, neck, back, and headache, and my throat was killing. i crawled into bed and gave frankie, who was sent home not feeling well on monday, due to what we thought was her 6-year-molars, my phone. (awful sentence, I'm rusty) i always love finding pictures kids take. :)
things went from bad to worse and i made an appointment on wednesday morning. my 1:00 appointment lasted until 3 (!) where it was determined that i had a "very positive strep throat." thankfully chris was off and he got girls to and from school and matt came home early. i was completely useless. after my positive strep test i started thinking that was probably what frankie had, even though she hadn't really complained about her throat. I'd expect her to feel sick with her molars for a day or 2, but 5 was kind of pushing it. so matt made her an appointment for today and sure enough, strep. poor baby was sick since saturday and i feel like a terrible mama. it's so hard when they're playing one minute, sick the next. now if she was like me and down for the count from the get-go, that i could understand.

now i've had two doses of antibiotics and i'm feeling so much better. still not great, but i can actually function now, and i've been awake for like, 4 hours, so that's pretty good. and on monday it was cold so we made our first mitchell/aina hot cocoa of the season. yuuuumy.
this was my lame attempt at catching the super moon as it was going down fast monday morning. then monday evening it was too cloudy to see anything so our super moon experience was kind of a bust.
in other exciting frankie news, she lost her first tooth! she was wiggling, wiggling, wiggling, and out it popped. exciting! the tooth fairy brought her a purple sparky $5'er and her own little bottle of fairy dust. and they followed the trail from the window to her bed. the first time the tooth fairy comes to each child she goes all out. after that, not so much.
in other news:
  • matt has been amazingly holding down the fort. he took today off and i am so thankful that i was able to rest and let my body do it's thing and heal. he even made homemade chicken noodle soup tonight and it was delish.
  • lexi made her first visit to the honor code office. it looks like two of her roommates might be kicked out, another one went and implicated several of the roomies, and tensions are high. makes me sad.
  • chris got registered for classes and put an application in to some apartments. t-minus-2 and a half months and it's getting real.
  • addie is getting an award at school on monday. she's got all a's and still enjoys school. she's a friend to all, but still hasn't replaced gracie with a new best friend. and maybe that's ok.
  • franks will hopefully be on the up and up. she's missed 3 days of school this week, and have i mentioned how bad i feel that we didn't realize it was strep till today?
  • delaney is a sweet little sassafras. i have had to bite my tongue at everyones appearance as i've been sick. today frankie lent laney her favorite leggings, ones that she doesn't get to wear very often because they go with literally nothing. i don't even think lanes got her hair brushed. oh well. she came home very incredulous because logan's dad told him, and logan told her, that the sun was bigger than the world, and she did not believe the sun was bigger than the world (earth). even when we talked about it, she still was not quite willing to say she accepted the truth.
being sick makes me sentimental, and i spent a good deal of time reading old blogs today. it also makes me want to take better care of myself. i am so grateful to be feeling better.

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