Monday, January 31, 2011

addie cakes

i love that kid.
she does something hilarious every darn day!
her latest favorite word is 'disgusting' as in poopy underwear changing. that always gets a "that's disgusting!"
and her favorite phrase is"daddy will fix it." she learned that from nani and, truth be told, i like that phrase too.
she also likes "guess what?" for a long time she would say "guess what?" and when we would say "what?" she would just say "guess what?" again.
that was fun.
but now she always says "santa is coming!" and she opens her big brown eyes even bigger as she says santa.
this morning at the library she told abby, just clear out of the blue "i like your shoes."
and then just kept walking.
her latest favorite books are "nancy nancy" (fancy nancy) and "david's christmas."
(we're still big into christmas over here.)
she is stubborn, stubborn, stubborn but i love her to death anyway.

she loves putting makeup on, and on this day when she offered to help me out with some lip gloss, i just couldn't help but say yes.
can you see it there, all over my mouth and cheek?

i think it's pretty funny how bad i am at these pics.

we're big into pajamas and backpacks too.

addie, oh addie, i just love her so.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

date night

with my giiiiirl!

our monthly date night was last week and lu-who picked salsa's to go eat.
actually she picked olive garden but that didn't quite pan out.
and i think salsa's is better anyway.

we talked and goofed off and ate and ate.
and ate.

my camera skills are poopy and all the pictures are dark. :(
but we had two tons of fun acting silly and taking lots of pics.

we went to salsa's.

when i was preggo, i craved their salsa!
it is sooo good!

"lexi, pose!"

ha, my turn!

then lex got all serious.

who's that hottie?!

and lexi poses again.
hot stuff!


"look this way!"

uh-hmmm, there was still lots of texting.

don't you just love digital cameras?!
we would never have taken so many dumb pictures if it weren't for digi-tal!

i love my girl.
she and i kinda started this family, or we were the first members at least.
she's my right hand girl and i just can't imagine life without my lexi-lu.

Monday, January 24, 2011

10 whole months - by frankie

it's been a good month. :)
i've been on the phone a lot lately.
busy, busy, busy.

some mornings addie comes into my room.
some mornings she gets in my crib with me.
some mornings look like this.

my mom keeps taking pictures of my feet.
so here's what they usually look like.
i'm always losing my socks. :)

sometimes i have to make my own fun.
and yes, that diaper had been used.
waste not, want not.

wipies are another favorite.

my mess.

i like to help my mom unload things.
all. the. time.

you talking to me?

but sometimes i just play with the toys we've got.

i am seriously expanding my food horizons.
oh, and anytime someone tries to take a picture, i try to hold them.

my moms been trying to get me to drink out of this thing.

i just chew on it and give it back.
no thank you.


i've been hating baths and only staying in long enough to get washed (and not happily i might add).
but on this rare occasion, i was actually having fun.

since i've been so much more mobile lately, i've had a few accidents.
check out my right eye.
total street cred.

monthly photo shoot.
(and trust me, it happens way more than once a month.)

i call this one,' jabba the hut.'

i learned how to crawl up stairs.
but after about 2 steps, i get scared.
one day i climed up a few steps, but then i couldn't bare to go any further so i held on and cried.
and cried.
and cried.

and then i had to spend some time getting comforted.

but then i started getting better about stairs.
i still only go up 2 or 3 though.
easy does it.

i get dressed up. a lot.
oh, and the bows on my head?
still going strong.
sometimes i like it.
but sometimes...

sometimes getting dressed up is nice.

i was sick a lot this month.
i did a lot of sleeping and cuddling.
we didn't take many pictures.
but we did take a few.
that's my blankie.
and that's my mommy.

that's all.
until next time, my friend.