Friday, June 12, 2009

Ready or not...

It's here. The last day of school... am I ready??? Ready to keep 2, no make that 3 - forgot about little Addie! - kiddos occupied for 2+ months! We're ready! I mean... I think we're ready... we can handle it right?.... it won't be that bad, I mean we can go do lots of stuff... nervous!

This is the first year in many years that this day hasn't also brought with it my last day of school as well. My freedom. Somehow this last day of school doesn't hold the same magic for me... but it does for the kids, so we will do something magical today. I'm thinking.... close to the water. Love it!

Now don't go thinking I don't like having my kiddos home with me, I do! Remember, they were home with me (or hotel hopping I should say!) the whole months of October and April! So it's like we've already had summer. Uh-huh, already done.

In other news... Miss Addison slept from 10:00-6:00!!! Oh please let this be the start of something good! I hate that at 12 months I am getting as much sleep as I did when we brought her home from the hospital! Aaaannnndddd, she's already down for a nap! A nap she didn't even cry about! Hallelujah! Seriously. Awesome.

I am working at getting back to living. To living in a house. To cooking dinners. To cleaning. To laundry (in my own washer and dryer!). To family scriptures and family prayer. To church callings (1st counselor in Primary!). To being normal again. It feels good but it's been a little while coming, you know making a new normal here, on the opposite side of the country, complete with new routines, schedules, schools, weather (humidity...sticky... icky...).

I am having a hard time getting motivated when there are so many things that need to be done, but not until something else gets done first. And that leaves lots of little things that still need to be done. We are mostly unpacked. I wish we were fully unpacked but like I said, things need to be done for other things to get done. For example, garage shelving units need to be put up to organize said garage so that we can find things like shower curtain hooks which we didn't need in California because all of our showers were like little dungeon rooms that you walked into. Weird, I know. 

Rooms needs to be painted to put up pictures... but what colors! I seriously need a formal living room/dining room color... any ideas? Anyone? Please? 

Oh, and since we're waiting for trusty Lowes to put in some trusty blinds, we've got some trusty (and tacky) boxes in front of our bedroom, and bathroom windows. Yeah, we're getting dressed in the laundry room lately, it's one of the only private places. And I'm sure our neighbors, despite my best efforts, have seen a little more of me than either of us would like. Sigh, oh well.

My favorite day this week was errand day! Wait for it! That involved going to CVS where I pretty much got a free razor for Matt, $1 scented Colgate toothbrushes, and $.40 dish soap. Then on to Giant (which takes Safeway coupons and don't let anyone tell you different!) where my original bill was $39.52 but then with all my coupons came down to $9.64. Who needs drugs when you can get a high like that?! Seriously. 

Then on to the commissary where I used another $20 worth of coupons in addition to getting some other pretty great deals. $1.52 for a gallon of milk! Hello! The only damper on my day was when, while minding my business and very carefully (or so I thought) driving the speed limit on base, I got directed by a Military Police Officer (standing in the middle of the road), to pull over. Hmmmm. After asking if I knew why he pulled me over, and my very innocent "no sir, I don't," he informed me that I had made a left hand turn out of that parking lot (that I pulled into because I turned in the wrong place, because I was lost on the way to the post office, I know, me, lost?!) and that there was absolutely no turning left between the hours of 11:00 and 16:00. Duh. As if everyone should just know that! He took my info and left me there. I, who just seconds before had been basking in the glory of saving $20, now to be getting a ticket that could cost $50-$100! It was too much for me. The tears came, I couldn't help it. I didn't even see a sign! Oh sadness, I hate wasting money! But then... that very nice Military Police Officer wrote me a warning. I coulda kissed him! But I didn't. I wiped my tears and asked for directions to the Post Office. And thanked him profusely. It was a good day!

Coming soon: visiting with the Zunigas and Addies birthday celebration! Can't believe I haven't blogged about those yet! Where, oh where, have I been?!

I know this post is just a bunch of ramblings that don't really go together, but that's kinda where I'm at right now. So there you have it!

Monday, June 8, 2009

I thought I would never see...

Matt reading a People Magazine!

I've officially corrupted him.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Perfect Sunday Recipe

  1. Start with a little bit of church
  2. Add nap
  3. Sprinkle in a family movie
  4. Pour in a generous helping of waffles
  5. Blend in an early evening walk
  6. Finish it off with one someone special, on your porch, watching the moon (which is a very cool orangey-red shade)
  7. Perfect...
***Huge congratulations to bestie Autumn, who successfully and surrogatley, delivered twins (1 boy and 1 girl!) to a very loving set of parents! What a wonderful gift! We love you Auto!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Whole Year - By Addison

It's official!

 I'm a 1 year old! What a year I've had! Oh the places I've been! The things I've seen! 

This last month has been a fun one too. I'm learning sooo much everyday! It's so much fun! I really like to do really cute things just once or twice and then my family tries to get me to do it again but I don't. Everybody calls that "the Addie." Love it!

Still not a big fan of walking. I like to crawl, and I figure, why ruin a good thing? Plus everybody kinda wants me to walk. So I know I for sure don't want to do that! That's just my personality. :)

Last week one of my mommies besties, Joy (and her family), came to visit and I decided I really love her! I mean really! My mom was making Alexis a cake and when she walked away, Joy gave me the frosting container and spatula! Yum! She said it was good practice for tomorrow... I'm not sure what she was talking about, but I can't wait!

At first I was trying to be civilized and use the spoon...

But it was so good I said "Forget the spoon!"

I really like attention and make friends super easily! I'm a social little butterfly!

Here I am saying one of my 3 words. "Hello" Can you see how into talking on the phone I get?! You gotta get your whole face involved sometimes!

PS -  my other two words are "mom" and "wow".

Since the movers came and brought all of our stuff my mom has been trying to get me to eat in my old high chair. Uhhhh, I hate it!

"You sit in it if you like it so much!"

She wasn't listening to reason so I stuck my tongue out at her. After I dumped my bowl of veggies out that is. I showed her.

The movers did bring some fun stuff too. My old changing table is a lot of fun now that I'm a big girl. I figured out how to climb right on it!

After a few minutes I was bored and tried to get down.

Then I tried another way... and another. And there was my mom, just snapping pictures! Then when I started getting upset she started filming! 

I will lay on anyone, anywhere. So watch out.

I am very helpful! Just look at how I helped my mommy feed me! That kind of help is hard to come by!

I got to meet my daddy's oldest brother, Uncle Ken. I was sick when he was here so I wasn't too sure of him, as you can see by my face. He's pretty cool though.

Every once in awhile I sleep. Not too often though. Gotta keep the 'rents on their toes!

Personal hygiene is important for 1 year olds! So I learned to brush my hair this last month.

Practicing for some playground Olympics. I'm pretty quick.

Then they let me down the slide. By myself. I might look a little scared here, but it was totally rockin' fun! And you know you like the no pants/diaper only look! So stylin!

Pink is my all time favorite color, but now I have another favorite too. It's John Deere green!
Check me out!

Peek-a-boo! Hotels are so much fun!

I only say a few words, but I have a very expressive face.  Here are a few examples for ya. 
These were taken within about 10 seconds of one another.

"Girl, let me tell you what..."

"Ha-ha. Good one!"

"I can squeeze in here! Watch me!"

"Told you so!" If you want to be expressive like me, here's a hint: 
when you are really happy, squint your eyes just like this! It just screams happiness!

Sometimes I fall asleep doing some funny stuff. Whatever works, right?!

Helping myself to some of daddy's alfredo tonight at Lexi's birthday dinner.

My super cute birthday outfit. My shirt says "My 1st Birthday"
So stylish!

You can't tell here, but I'm dancing. I do love to dance! I really like to move it, move it!

Okay, that's all for now. I'm not sure that I'll have time for my monthly posts, now that I'm a one year old. We'll just have to wait and see.


The Big Girl Addie

Happy Birthday Lexi-Lu!!!

Our sweet little Lexi-lu turned 13 today! Yikes! How did that happen?! She is officially a teenager!!! (how did I get so old???)

She makes me happy every day!!!

Alexis is one of the most determined and stubborn people I've ever met! She even gives me a run for my money! I truly believe there is nothing that girl can't do if she puts her mind to it! She is amazing! 

As the oldest of our little clan she has always taken such good care of Christian and Addison. She'll make such a good mommy someday! (in like 15 years!)

Alexis is so smart and works so hard. She's in advanced classes and always gets good grades. She comes home from school, eats, and immediately does her homework, I don't ever have to remind her! That girl is driven! 

She's got a beautiful voice and loves to sing (most of the time). She was one of the only kids in Honor Choir that could hit all the notes and can sing equally well soprano and alto.

She is a saver! When Christian's money burns a hole in his pocket, hers stays put. But she's also very generous. Last summer she worked on Grandpas fence to make enough money to buy her, Addison, and I matching lockets. 

I love that girl!

Happy birthday Lex! I can't wait to see the wonderful life your going to have!
 I'm so glad I get to be your mom!

And now, a photo tribute to our girl. 

And because our home internet is still not hooked up (I SOOOO can't wait for this move to be over!) they will all be recent photos. 

Isn't she a beautiful young woman?!

Such a good big sissy. I mean, just look how happy Addie is!

Hurricane at the beach.

Awww, they really do love eachother!

Birthday dinner at the OG.

Tonight singing the Star Spangled Banner at the Maryland Blue Crabs game.