Wednesday, January 18, 2017

thursday and saturday

last Thursday I took lanes to the library. it had been such a long time! she didn't want to go to story time, (since it's not her norm) but I managed to convince her and of course she had fun. the story time games are always a hit.
and so are the ipads. :)
after d went to school I got to torture watch this little cutie. she was kind of apprehensive from the get-go, but after I changed her diaper, it was on. she was not a fan of auntie michelle that day. come to find out, she doesn't like anyone but mom to change her diaper. had I known that, I probs would have just waited for momma to come home and stayed a fav. she wouldn't even take a green m&m from me afterwards, and that's sayin' something. she'll come around. they always do. ;)
this little cutie sold 52 boxes of girl scout cookies. and that's from for advertising only 3 days before due date, and weeks later than the rest of the crowd that's got their gear together. not too shabby.
Delaney is so smart. she had a packet of work to do over break (that we forgot about) that I found and took with us to gymnastics. so after frankie did her homework, I let her come do some. I thought she'd do a page or 2, but nope. that 4-year-old powered through the whole packet. and she'd have happily done more. they asked her to write all the letters they've learned so far. so after she did that I asked if she'd like to write all the letters, and she did. she wrote them all in order, upper and lowercase, and she did it happily. she's going to start guided reading groups next month and will for sure be a reader before kindergarten. she already reads 3 letter words, and even more impressive, can spell them. almost any 3 letter word (that can be sounded out) she will spell if you ask her to. she is a joy to teach because she's so easy and so quick to learn. that baby, I tell ya.
Thursday night was also fitness night at school.
rock walls are so fun. I would love to do this for exercise!
franks and coach cook. we sent this one to bubba.
ever since Delaney started school its been "brady this, and brady that." brady's mom was in charge of fitness night, and came to our pta board meeting on Wednesday and I finally got to meet her (super nice lady). so at fitness night we quickly found brady and these two hung out the whole night. they are sooo cute!
dancing 4-year-olds make me happy.
Zumba train.
addie and Danica were both too cool for school. they both wandered awkwardly and didn't really get into it.
frankie, on the other hand, was right up front. (Grey capris, purple shirt)
it's funny how different these little personalities are.
finally when ashby came, addie kind of got into it. just kind of though.
the big girls ran pacers, which was cute.
then I finally talked the littlest into it too. she was apprehensive, but she had fun.
aaaand back to girls trip! on Saturday we went to a bridal show that just so happened to be the same weekend we were girls trip/wedding shopping. it worked out perfectly. this is actually the dress that lexi bought, but long sleeves will be added. on Friday we had gone dress shopping (another post) but they didn't have the dress she wanted in store, because they had sent it to the bridal show. so it was good to see it there. it's very pretty and looks even prettier on lexi's petite frame.
it was such a winter wonderland! my California and Arizona friends were dying.
so fun!
from the bridal show we went to eat (chili's!) and then to david's bridal where lex said yes to the dress! I really can't believe we found the perfect dress that weekend, it was so lucky! the dress was on sale for $349, but at the bridal fair they'd given us a $50 coupon, and they offered a military discount! we couldn't believe it was so cheap!
lexi thanking her aunties for giving her the $$$ to buy the dress.
love them!
after the dress buying we went to see hidden figures, which was soooo good! I love going to the movies.

when we got back to the hotel (around 8, party animals!) there was some excitement. there was a tv crew filming some ladies. we went upstairs (to get to our room and not interrupt filming) and there was a lady that told us they were filming for a tv show called escaping polygamy. later we went up and talked to the lady again to get some more details, and actually met two of the sisters that star on the show, and a mother that escaped. she had 13 children and 2 adult daughters that had stayed behind. they were all very nice.
in the mean time, matt was working his navy gig. since we were going to get snow in st. marys county, he actually drove up and slept in the truck to avoid the bad roads. crazy man! the girls stayed the night at alecia's and enjoyed a fun snow day on Saturday.
that's a good friend that takes your kids out to play in the snow because every mother knows that's a lot of work!
lexi talked to cade for a long time that night (in the lobby) and when she came back to the room, Jackie had put out this cute gift bag for her.
super sweet. t'was a wonderful Saturday!

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