Wednesday, December 23, 2015


On Saturday we loaded up the jolly green, which I sadly picked up from the body shop on Friday, and headed to brave the stores. Addie had gone with bubba to stuff us some good old fashioned Maryland stuffed ham, and so Matt and I just had #4 and #5 with us for part of the morning. It was odd!
There's a Delaney!
We shopped forever and then I wrapped forever. Seems like I did something that night because I helped bathe the girls early. But I can't remember. Probably shopping though. Because I have been shopping all day and forever. And no, I don't know why my girls are dramatic.

Lexi lu arrived Sunday night. Chris, ami, and Erick went to pick her up and then we all hung out until the wee smalls. It's fun to have her home. 

Monday morning dawned bright and early with an eye specialist appt for Addie up in Bowie. Our new pedi thought she detected a strabismus, or lazy eye. 
Turns out this girl and both of her eyes are just fine.
So that was a morning well spent. :/
Addie had convinced lexi to wake up early and come with us, and being the awesome big sister she is, she did. Then we told Addie we could eat wherever she wanted. Hooray, she choose McDonald's. 😒 I really tried to convince her that cafe rio is delish, but no luck.
Brenna came over that afternoon bearing gifts. Her grandma sent us over this lovely fruit basket along with a nice note telling us how proud of Chris we should be. He's a good boy. (:
That afternoon we also watched the darrows while josh and Alecia closed on their new home and moved in. all 6 of the big kids were wild! Brandon was totally mvp. He napped, he ate, he played. He didn't cry, or hit, or make messes like the other 6. Holy. Moly. Good thing I love all of them. (;

After we dropped them off, we went shopping. Chris found his new coat. (;
Today our baby Laney showed us how "the baby of the family," as she calls herself, eats yogurt. Really makes you want some, huh?
Addie and Frankie finally got to pull the wishbone from thanksgiving.
Looking to see who won...
Who's it gonna be...
Franks for the win. Addie says she's a lucky wishbone puller.
Today we got to go get new ID cards. 4 years ago when we went, I was huge preggo with Delaney, so I'd say my new pic is a vast improvement. Then we (lexi and I) nex'ed and grocery shopped with the 3 girls. It's not that they are bad, it's just that there are 3. So they either take up the whole cart, and we know 3 kids in close proximity in a cart is always a good thing, or they are each busy looking at something. And when each of them are looking at/touching/wandering, it gets to be a lot of corralling and not easy to get any shopping done. Taking all 3 makes me a grumpy mommy, so I try hard not to do it very often. 

After shopping we came home for lunch and rests, and a quiet rest of the day. I went out shopping again, do you see a theme here, and I really am so close to being done, and I really am so annoyed at myself for not being done. Shopping is not fun for me anymore, and I usually love to shop, so that's saying something. 

In primary on Sunday the kids reenacted the nativity. Matt subbed in Addie's class and she'd had a rough day, but when they asked her to be the star she perked up.
The girls had their matching black Christmas dresses, but since I was to church early, and at church late, I didn't get any pictures. Also, my girls church hair, while improving, is pretty dad worthy. Matt is doing a wonderful job of picking up the slack I have put down, but hair is not his strong suit. There are worse things.
This little diaper wearing baby is almost a sunbeam!! I've told her that all I want for Christmas is for her to be potty trained. Today she said "what do you really want? Not me being potty trained, but really. Like a pan or something." No pans for me, Laney, just a big girl in panties. Pleeeeease!

Christmas Adam

Today was a mostly unproductive, but also mostly good day. We finally broke open Addie's gift from Matt's work party. It's a jewelry making kit with lots of little parts and cheaply made, so you can imagine how much fun that was. Addie made a ring, charm, and bracelet, Frankie made a bracelet and charm, and Delaney made a tennis bracelet. And I kept it together, so I call that a win-win.
Ellie rainbow sparkles left us some magic beans (m&m's) to plant in sugar and see what happens tomorrow morning.
Spoiler: it's a pb tree Forrest. That's what happens. 
After our jewelry making, chocolate chip pancake eating, puttering around the house fun, we played a rousing game of princess memory. And we listened to southern Maryland artists rendition of Hallelujah, which we all love. Supah fun.
Delaney took a super long nap. I checked on her a few times, but the last time (it was already dark, that's how late it was) I found her happily rubbing hydrocortisone cream into her bookcase. I calmly handed her two washcloths and told her to clean it up. Then she flitted around wiping every. Surface, in her room. That told me that would be a big job, so I called in the daddy reinforcement. We cleaned together for a few minutes, but then Darlaina came to pick me up and drop off vt'ing treats. Darn, sad to have missed that clean up.
In an attempt to clean out our fridge (didn't work) we had pasta, shepards pie, and macaroni for dinner.

Then I, for the 3rd time this week, headed out for visits and shopping. In a torrential downpour. And 68 degrees. This is the most bizarre December weather. I'm not complaining, I am actually enjoying a nice break in the wallet since we're not having to refill our propane, but I do wonder if the warm temps have contributed to the general lack of Christmas cheer I have noticed. 

Lexi was home today, not sure how she avoided all pictures. She straightened the girls hair, and Peter came to hang out. Chris the crabknocker worked all day. 

Anyways, we are still just so close to being ready. And ready or not, here Christmas comes.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas break

Hooray! Christmas break is here!  We've started our Christmas movie a day plan with some frosty the snowman watching. One of the newer versions, since there are like, a million.

Yesterday morning, Frankie and the kindergarteners of CWFDES put on an adorable Christmas performance.
Frankies got some mad dance skilz, which she showed off during Rocking Around the Christmas Tree.
And Rudlph the Red Nose Reindeer.
Frank's and Mrs. Schou. (Rhymes with cow) she's loving kindergarten!
Lil' sister had to try the Rudolph hat on. Only, she wouldn't take her hand off her cute red nose.
After the concert, they played the last 30 minutes of The Polar Express and then served cookies and hot chocolate. It was a cute morning.
After that we had a presidency meeting, did a few visits, and made dozens and dozens of elves caps for teacher appreciation and Beth's party. And someone took some festive pictures of our cute kid centered tree.
Last night was neighbor Beth's 2nd annual Christmas party. It was so fun. and then a few of us stayed way too late talking PTA and everything that is wrong and right at CWFDES. There are some growing pains for this first year, but overall it's going pretty well, I think.
Today was errands and visits, and, sad day, I had to give up my brand new ride. It feels so strange to drive my jolly green again! A new car is so luxurious and I got pretty spoiled this past month. Now my truck feels like a tank, but she's a good tank, so it's all good. 

Matt was off today so he went and helped Addie's teacher play musical chairs and run a book exchange. Then we both got to spend some time at her class party. It was really nice. 

Family cleaning hour, macaroni and cheese for dinner (gourmet), and planning of tomorrow's millions of errands were on the agenda this evening. And it's a wonderful start to our Christmas break!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Quick quick

I'm wasting away at another indoor track meet. Have I mentioned this is not my favorite sport? It's good for my boy though, so it's good for me. Today he jumped in the first event, and is running a relay in the last. #ofcourse
Delaney melted my heart yesterday when she drew this precious picture of Mary holding baby Jesus. Of course, this was after she got angry and walked home from the park by herself. At dusk. By herself. She was so sassy when we talked about it too. I tried to explain why it's never a good idea to wander off alone and she snottily responded "well I didn't get hit by a car," and "well no one did kidnap me."
We are reading Ramon and her mother, wherein Ramona is struggling with being 7 1/2. Sitting on the far right is another little girl who is struggling with being 7 1/2. She had fun caroling and participating in a book exchange with her brownie troop.
Matt and I partied it up at his work party. We didn't win angling, but we had a good time.
And little miss started the great pink eye outbreak of 2015. Thankfully it's all wrapped up and we finished our last eye drops yesterday.
Not pictured: lexi, who is rocking her 1st semester of her sophomore year. 3 A's so far and things are looking good for another 2 A's. 

We are all ready for break. We've been enjoying the most fabulous 70 degree weather. Matt's had to mow several times, flowers are blooming, short sleeves are being worn. We are enjoying it while it lasts. 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Chris time

Delaney has been a bedtime hot mess, including, but not limited to shredding a couple tissues one night. After making a mess with the dollhouse.
We finally let Delaney put the angel on the tree. There's always lots of "it's my turn!"'s whenever we have to figure out who's turn anything is.  #badmemoryprobz
One day I had heavy whipping cream to use up, so French toast for breakfast it was. First I smelled it to make sure it was still good. Then I forgot i had opened it, shook it, and bam.
Cream everywhere. Even in a full of decoration wrap Christmas decoration bin. Nothing to do but laugh and clean it up. (Thankfully we weren't late for anything)
Chris has kept us busy the last two days. On Wednesday we got to go to the cardiologist to check the boys funky heart murmur. He's always had it, and when he was a wee one we did the whole cardiology workup, but our new doctor wanted to check it out again. so off we go to charlotte hall. We got there a few minutes early, so we hit the thrift store and there's always time for elfie selfies!
EKG time!
The doctor checked him out and said he looked good, but just to be on the safe side we did an ultrasound too. It's a boy!
He looked great and just has a crazy sounding heart. No biggie.

While Matt was at church last night, Chris helped me bathe the girls as I picked meat off the turkey carcass, one of my least favorite things to do. You're welcome, future daughter-in-law, I'm giving you a good one. (:
Yesterday was sweet baby Harvey's 2nd birthday. In lieu of (illegal) floating lanterns, we lit some candles and planned out random acts of kindness we can do in Harvey's honor.
One of my favorite pictures ever. Sweet 6 month old lexi-lu! She was so happy and cute! We had people stopping to watch her cute photo shoot, and every picture was so just adorable!
Today Chris and I made the hour+ trip up to Bowie for his interview with senator Ben Cardin's team for an Air Force academy recommendation. After he went in for his interview I chit chatted with the workers, and then headed next door to chipotle. So when Chris came out, they directed him over there (even though he already knew where to go :).

While Chris was getting changed out of his suit, a lady from his interview came into chipotle, looked around, then left. A few minutes later, when Chris was back, she came back in to give Chris her card and tell him how much he impressed her. She said he reminded her of herself, with not great sat scores and not having taken calculus in high school. She went to the merchant marine academy and is now a lobbyist in DC, and said she thought he would really love it and to contact her if he needed any help. 

I thought that was so cool that she came to find him! So proud of him. (:

After we got home, we ate, visited a little, and then headed for some Christmas and milk shopping. Chris and me again. It's been nice spending hours and hours with my sweet baby boy!