Tuesday, June 28, 2011

check up time!

check up time for all 4 of my babes. i don't know why, but i love taking them all to the dr! i love splitting them up so i can focus on 2 at a time. i love the bond they show as they are alone with just one sibling. i love finding out how big they are and where they rank with the percentiles. and i love taking them for treats afterwards. :)

i kept the split the same as last year, with christian and frankie together and the a's together.
my big boy is 5'6 and 1/4 and weighs 114 lbs. so basically we're exactly the same size. ;)
heighth wise at least.
that's 100th percentile  for height!
can't believe he's such a little man!
the nurse had fun teasing him. :)
and franks likes to help with pictures.
frankie weighs 21.7 lbs and is 31 1/2 inches long. that's 90th percentile for length, 55th for weight, and 60th for head circumference (18 1/4 inches).
nakie frankie was walking around like she owned the place, swinging her cup on her arm. she wouldn't hold still though, so this drunkie frankie shot is the best i could get. :)

this was right before dr. miller tickled christian. i seriously love our ped!
while christian got his physical, frankie read up on bedwetting.
and then after this, i got kicked out for a few minutes so he could check his "man" stuff.
all looked good for chris, then it was frankie's turn. i love how she's looking a christian like, "bubba, what the crap?! break me out of here!"
she kept trying to grab the stethoscope so we each had to hold a hand. she has a small functional heart murmur, which all my children have had. weird thing is, it's never shown up till now. she looks great though!
then it was shot time. :(
3 shots.
and then i kinda wanted to punch the nurse cause she was slow and not very good at giving wiggly babies shots.
poor frankie. she recovered quickly though.
addie and lexi's appt. was even more fun!
addie was excited, then nervous, then happy, then scared, it was a whole range of emotions!
we told her all about her ice cream treat for after she behaved at the dr.'s.
so different from last year, this brave girl stepped right on the scale.
she was stone faced and concentrating like it was her job!
she weighed in at 29 lbs. and is 37 1/2 inches.
then it was lu's turn.
she's 5'2 and 104 lbs. i can't believe christian's a full 4 inches taller than her! they've always gone back and forth on who's bigger, but now i think this is the way it will stay, with him being taller. :)

lexi wanted addie to sit on the table with her. she loved it and watched intently as lexi got her blood pressure taken.

then it was her turn to have her blood pressure taken for the very first time!
there's that concentration again!
lexi and i were cracking up the whole time, she was so funny!

finally a goofy smile!

and a high five for a job well done!
then we waited for dr. miller.
they love each other!
my little birthday twins.

they talked and joked and loved on each other.
so sweet.
and addie showed some bum crack. :)
then lexi decided to perform addie's check-up.
then addie wanted her turn.
love these girls!
addie did sooo good! she answered all of his questions and the only task he gave her that she couldn't do was to write an x. she kind of wrote it, but wouldn't pick the pen up, so it looked like a box with an x in it.
"i'm fwee yeaws old."
i love her expressive faces. dr. miller even commented on them. :)
i guess she wasn't sure what to do with her hands?
and again...

and she looks great!
then it was lexi's turn and...
my battery died. :( but she looks good too. 
and that's enough dr.'s visits for these 4. until next june at least!

Monday, June 20, 2011

golden par-tay!

addie turned 3 on june 3rd so she got to have a golden party! we had her party a week after her birthday. she had so.much.fun! she kept saying (and keeps saying even now!) "my friends are coming over!" she loved every minute of it and it made all the work so worth it!

the party started at 10, so around 10:15 we started with the golden festivities. the first thing i did was to read goldilicous to them. they loved it!
 i made addie a gold tutu and then decided to make frankie (and lexi!) one too. i chose red because, well, who doesn't like red?! daddy got her dressed in her yellow dress for the golden party and i thought that was sweet and cute, so i couldn't tell him to change her so she would match her red tutu. she looked cute anyway. but she didn't sit very still for the story. she had her dog to walk.;)
 the second golden festivity was to go gold panning. i found this idea on her blog and got all excited because it had to do with goooold! (i've been all about anything gold since christmas! which was, incidentally, when i bought a lot of my golden decorations)

anywho, the kids loved the gold panning! i had christian gather me a bucketfull of rocks and we had spray painted (loving the spray paint!) them gold, threw 'em in a baby pool, added water and voila, hours of fun! we gave the kids foil pans and small baggies and let them find as many gold nuggets as their little hearts desired.

 so, you know how sometimes you throw a party for a kid, and then they get all overwhelmed and go off by themselves? yeah, we had some of that going on.
 i tried to talk her into coming back to the party, but she needed some space to clear her head. ;) she warmed back up to the party after the gold panning ended though.
 the next activity was a golden treasure hunt. the clues were like "go to the piano" and "go to the hose" (3-year-olds, you know). i had told alexis to put the basket of golden coins on the table as soon as we left. well, she got to talking and forgot, so when we went back inside they were like "hey, where's the treasure?" i grabbed the basket, tossed it on the table and said, "look at your golden treasure!" and no one cared that it showed up late. :) 3-year-olds, you know.
 golden fare: cupcakes (spray painted with orange ((i did my best to find golden everything!)), pineapple, pretzels, crackers and cheese, banana bread, and popcorn. oh and green grapes. like i said, i did my best to stay golden!
 addie getting more alone time.
 time to sing happy birthday!

 she was so, so, so happy!
 ready to open presents.
 all of her friends were willing to help!

 she got some shoes...
 and had to put them on immediately!
 i had lexi and robin taking pictures while addie opened presents and i found this one in there. such a proud papa. :)
 she got $3 for her birthday and loved it!
 robin added some cute flowers that addie loves! she wants to smell them and plant them and sleep with them.
 cute dress-up present. and cute face.
 lexi found this rapunzel headband at the dollar tree (i seriously love that place!) and had to buy it for addie's present. and she loved it!
 later that day we went over to neighbor renee's for her graduation party. we had to bribe addie so she would leave her toys, so we let her wear her new dress-up stuff. here she was before she put a shirt on. and she was posing for me. making weird faces...
 and trying not to smile...
and more weird faces...
now she's convinced that her friends are coming over every week, her birthday is coming again, and that everyone is bringing her presents. wonder when that's gonna die down?