Monday, June 30, 2008

Dairy Fest!

When you live in a small town your choices for things to do are pretty limited. So on Saturday night Matt, Addison, and I went to Dairy Fest to celebrate our dairy farmers. It was $1 to get in and we got a cheeseburger, yogurt, string cheese, milk, root beer float, and ice cream sandwich. You can't beat that price, right?! They also had lots of booths set up to teach you all about cows and dairies. Plus they had the band Restless Heart that was going to perform.

We had so much fun! It was a beautiful, cool summer night and then we got an awesome thunder storm. We sat under a tent for a long time waiting for the rain to stop but it never quite did. If it was just Matt and I, or even if Alexis and Christian were with us, we would have stayed, but I didn't feel quite right sitting in the windy, wet stands with my three week old baby. So we missed the concert:(

Anyways, we had tons of fun. The only thing that would have made it better would have been Alexis and Christian. We miss them loads!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Addie's photo shoot

A couple weeks ago Addison and I were home alone and I decided to do a photo shoot of some cute poses I had seen. So we took her clothes off and I shot a bunch of pictures. Until she decided the photo shoot was so over! I laughed so hard and had to get a picture. She is so much fun!

PS - Can you tell that Matt finally taught me how to upload pictures! Yea me!

Baby acne!

Our beautiful baby has gotten hit with a wicked case of baby acne! Because she scratches herself and ends up picking her pimples she has to wear mittens all day, which she hates! Hopefully it clears up soon, but until then I thought I'd show you her pre-acne complexion and post. Poor girl, but she's still beautiful!

Our Week

Okay, my blog has gotten off to a slow start:) We've had a busy week. On Tuesday Matt and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary. Grandpa and Lexi bought us a gift certificate for a nice restaurant and offered to babysit, but since they were leaving the next day we opted for a nice family dinner instead. Addison was so good, she slept through most of her first dining out experience, but I paid dearly for it that night. She was up at 12:30 and then every hour starting at 2:30!

Grandpa and Lex left Wednesday morning. They are going to have such a good time! And while I'm glad Lexi will have such a fun summer, I miss her (and Christian) dearly! It was also nice to have her and Grandpa here to help with baby Addie!

Thursday was spent cleaning, trying to get our house ready to be put on the market, hopefully by Monday. I want everything perfect, but it also needs to be done quickly. I guess I'll figure it out!

Monday, June 23, 2008

About my blog...

Since Addison was born almost 3 weeks ago, I have found myself with loads of down time as I feed her. TV isn't really cutting the mustard for me anymore, and thanks to my friend Marissa, I have taken an interest in blogs. I not only check Marissa's blog every day, but I have also read all of her friends blogs as well, I know, I'm psycho! So I finally decided it was time to start my own. Anyone that knows me knows of my computer illiteracy and I think this will be a good way to combat that as well. So, here goes nothing! I know it is very plain right now, I'm still trying to figure out how to get things a little more interesting. Marissa help!!!