Sunday, October 24, 2010

7 Whole Months - By Frankie

Everyone keeps saying they can't believe how big I'm getting! I guess they're right. I roll over everywhere and scoot on my back. I still don't have any teeth, or hair for that matter. I love getting attention and love to play and laugh! I even like when Addie plays with me.

I'm still pretty big for my age, I wear mostly 9-12 month outfits. I've been saying "da, da, da, da..." for about a week now. I reach for everything! I'm even pretty good at making messes. Just the other day I grabbed my mommy's water and spilled it all over my daddy's leg. I was so happy! I swung in a baby swing at the park for the first time and loved it! I'm still not sleeping through the night, but I still take 2 naps a day so that's pretty good, right?

In other news...

I'm getting really coordinated! I really want to eat some food and drink some Capri-Suns...

... but my mom says she's still not ready!
She keeps telling people that when I'm 8 months old she'll feed me baby food. And then people usually comment on how I seem to be thriving (and huge!) with just breastfeeding.

I got to play with a pumpkin.
Exciting, huh?!

My mom did some self portraits with me.
She's not very good at them, but she loves me so much and I love her, so that's okay.

Addie's always all in my business.
I like her though, so it's okay.

Christian's playing Fall Ball again so I've spent some quality time watching his games.

And quality time with my big sissy.

Love her!

My friend Roni gave me her old Bumbo.
Don't I look cute in it?!

Since Halloween is coming I've been getting dressed up a lot.

I'm really not loving it.

After the dress up.
Still mad.

That's all.
See you next month!



Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gettin' Halloweeny

Halloween is in full swing around here and that has meant hours of dress-up fun for Addie!
Lucky for her, I'm a saver and never get rid of cute Halloween costumes. :)

Also lucky for her, she hasn't grown too much in the year since last Halloween and she still fits into last years costume.

Loving the Halloween headband with tag still attached!
(and the mess!)

Here she is in Christian's Sully costume scaring Frankie.
She doesn't need a costume for that. :)

She wouldn't cooperate for a picture, but she is "Raaarr"-ing here.

Frankie couldn't miss out on the fun!

Don't 'cha know she loved it!

And now for the Piéce de Résistance.
This little diddy was originally bought for Alexis when Auntie Amy went to Egypt.
It never did make it out on Halloween night, but Addie is sure having fun playing with it!

I had to tie it around her neck so it would stay up.
And as you can see, it didn't always work.

As soon as she put on that jangly skirt she was a dancing machine!
She was all like "Just try to stop me!"

Feeling the music!

And for your viewing pleasure...
(but mostly for Amy's viewing pleasure!)