Friday, January 31, 2014

Surprise Seattle trip

A few days before our California trip, my dad went into the hospital. After talking to my posse (Matt, my sisters, mom, and a couples trusted friends) and my mom graciously offering to fund my trip, I decided to fly up to Seattle to spend some time with my dad. I got there Monday night and Tom picked me up. I stayed the night on their deluxe ikea pullout, which was actually quite comfy. (:

Tuesday morning Bonnie and I headed up to the VA hospital bright and early. First order of business is always pictures. They gave dad a cool heart pillow that he got his doctors and nurses to sign.
After a few hours, including a delightful hospital lunch, it was time to go home. We did a lot of cuddling, tv watching, and picture looking. I also came home with several photo albums and a set of books grandpa and grandma Seagrove bought for their kiddos many, many years ago.
That afternoon Bonnie and I got to act as pharmacists and fill up dad's pillboxes. That also included going through all his meds and discarding expired pills. We sent this to the sibs with the title:
Caption contest!
The favs were:
"2 years in Vietnam and all I got was this lousy bag of pills."
"Meds: it's what's for dinner!"
"There are only a few placebos in there."

Aren't we a fun gang?

Dad had fun with his new diet, including a delicioso Waldorf salad made with Greek yogurt instead of mayo. He's so happy! (;
I decided to leave Delaney in California with my sisters so I could really focus on my dad. And since I was there with no baby, I took the opportunity to go to the temple early Wednesday and Thursday morning. On Thursday, Cami and dan met up with me and we did a session together (chantell was sick and mike out of town). It was soooo nice. 
Dad did amazingly well for just having had major heart surgery. We ventured out one morning for a little walk. Slow and steady wins the race. (:
Yup, traffic. Took an hour to get from kent to the temple in Bellevue each morning. It's a crowded place!
I'm so glad I got to go spend time with my daddy. It wasn't a long trip, but it was good. Lots of downtime, lots of talking, lots of love. 

I'm so thankful for Matt supporting me in supporting my family. Grateful for my good friends for helping with my kiddies back home. Grateful to mom for helping financially. Grateful for my sisters for helping with d. Thankful to tom/Bon for housing and feeding me. And very thankful my dad is doing so well. 

It's so nice to pull together as a family. I am so blessed. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Traveling fools

We woke up bright and early for our 8:30 fight. Laney travels in style. 
Daddy drove us to the airport and helped us in. It's nice to have some help when traveling. 
Bug was having a rough morning. she was tired and had had a runny nose for over a week, so I was a little concerned about her ears, so I did what good mommies do and gave her some Benadryl...
And this is what happened. From before wheels up to after wheels down, she was cashed out. 
We met up with auntie alli in Atlanta, grabbed some lunch at Atlanta Bread Co. (after walking up and down the terminal and back again) and hung out for a few hours. Our flight from Atlanta to San Francisco was a loooong 5 hours. D was not super thrilled to be stuck on an airplane for that long and she was overly tired, so it was not the funnest. It was super nice to have auntie alli with us though. A second set of hands is always amazing

We got to San Francisco around 6 and ate dinner and let the girls play. Quinnie tried on our awesome hat and also baby maxwell's "I was born at sequoia hospital" shirt. She's awesome!
On Monday we took baby max to his first doctors appointment and enjoyed the receptionists amazement at how much we sistah's look alike. 
To the Max looked great and we had a super fun first day in sunny California. 
Ps - I love baby faces. 

The lead up

I've been called out for being a terrible blogger. I wish I was more consistent, but it seems like as with most things in my life, I'm good and on top of things, and then... not so much. 

Anyhow, I left town on Sunday, January 19, so the week from my last post to that day was a busy lead up week. 

As always, we make time to play with friends. I don't remember when or why, but we hung out at McCombs and Laura gave delaney this beauty. I'm waiting to get a good picture so I can show the world, because I love it so, so much! Too bad this chic is always making goofy faces. 
Laura is so awesome that she didn't stop at one, she went ahead and made two! Too bad this chic makes goofy faces too. 
She's so silly. 
One night we had our freezer meal exchange at Alecia's. As I often unknowingly do, I had double booked myself and had a committee meeting, but I was able to meet up with the girls for a little while and deliver my chili. That's a whole lot of chili!
More cabbage patch kid hat fun. 
We do love a good photo shoot. 
I know the rest of the week was busy, but ever since delaney deleted my calendar I haven't been super studious about keeping up with it and I'm sure I don't remember what I did yesterday, so it will remain a mystery. One of the many reasons I love blogging, it helps me to remember the sweet, normal days of life. 

Like this... was Frankie sick? I don't know, I don't remember. Maybe we were just cuddling to sleep? Who knows. Another mystery. 
Matt posted this one, one night when I was gone. They like to shower off after bath time. Daddy is so wrapped around their little fingers!
And then I was ready for some travelin'.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

the rest

our week: 
with random weekly pictures thrown in.

monday: we had playgroup at our house. i was so excited to visit with the friendies! alecia, sarah, leisa, and shelly came and it was so fun. :) it had seriously been way too long since we'd all visited. 

and i finally convinced matt to bring down the slide. as i was lamenting the cold winter days one day, whilst doing never ending dishes, i spied our outdoor slide and thought, hmmmm, why couldn't we bring that in and enjoy hours of fun?! so chris took it apart and then it sat on our porch for about 6 weeks (pet peeve!). chris even wiped it all down one day. but then matt was like "it has water in it and it's gonna leak on the carpet." 

and then i went to seattle. and then we had christmas. and then i was like "trust me, it won't leak. the picnic table (that he didn't want to bring in either) had water in it and didn't leak or stink." and then he reluctantly helped me set it up in the basement. and delaney was all, "heaven!" and here has been my view for hours and hours as they have jumped and slid and been happy.
tuesday: our super cold snow day. it was a 2-hour school delay, and then we also got a call that a pipe had burst at the high school, so no school for the big kids. we did our thang and then when the girls napped we had big kid/mom movie time. after matt got home i took the big kids to get haircuts and i got my nails done.

 i've had this tear in my index finger nail for years and it can be really painful when it catches on things and tears down further. i've tried several different things and nothing seems to work, it's like the nail just grows with the tear. so i've decided to try acrylic nails for a few months to see if i can just completely grow the tear out and be done with it. hope it works! cause i don't like getting my finger nails done! pedi's all day, but the drilling and buffing and $$$. me no likey. 

that night matt and i went to red robin for a double date with laura and david. we are farming the big kids over there when i leave for california, so we talked about our expectations and their requirements. i've said it a million times, but it's so nice to have good friends.

(yes, frankie is wearing a costume. that's how we roll.)
wednesday:  i watched these cuties while sarah went to the dr. when she got back we talked birth a lil' bit. i'm finally gonna get to be at her birth when she has baby aina girl #3, and i'm so excited. i get to go to 2 births this year, very exciting! i think, when my kiddies are all grown up, that it would be really cool to be a doula, so we shall see if i can hang.
i drove the ballet bus that afternoon, and then that evening on to church for a seabase meeting and pres meeting. we believe in meetings. ;)

thursday: preschool day! alecia is teaching the first quarter and frankie was so excited to go. laney and i did some commissary shopping. we picked lexi up on our way home, unloaded, put laney down, picked frankie up, dropped her off, i had an appointment, and then time to get ready for our RS meeting that night. 

january is such a bleak month, so we wanted to do something joyful for the ladies. we had everyone bring a "favorite thing," under $5, each of us stood up and explained our "thing," then drew a name and gave our fav to that lady. it was so fun! and we learned about some cool new things like spelt. totally worthwhile. ;) then we had a panel of ladies at all different seasons in their lives and we had people write anonymous questions down. tracie wasn't feeling well, so i acted as the moderator. they did a parenting panel like this a few years ago for RS and i loved it then and loved it this time too. i always learn so much from other women, it is such a wonderful friendship and bond that we share. it was really a fabulous night.

friday: i had signed up to be the mystery reader for addie's class. each friday they have a parent come in and surprise all the kids and read a couple books. i did it a few months ago and it was so fun! since then addie has said several times, "i hope daddy can come read to my class." so i had offered to have matt read and we were all good to go, but then things came up at work, so i happily took his spot back. :) i had covertly asked addie her fav book of the moment, and she had chosen the princess and the pig, so i read that one and also the personalized book i had made for addie for christmas called more bears! it was so cute, while i was reading more bears! (that has a picture of addie yelling "more bears!" on every page and uses her name all throughout the book) one of the boys raised his hand and asked wide eyed "where did you get that book?" the kids were pretty impressed. :)

after that i took addie for a quick date to good ol' mcdonalds. :)
i sometimes feel like this middle child'o'mine gets pushed to the side because we're worrying about older kids and doing things for youngers. also, she gets home from school just before 4 (which is usually a crazy busy time) and goes to bed at 7:30, so not a lot of time to spend with her. i loooooove spending one-on-one time with my children. these are precious, precious moments, even if it's just 20 minutes at mcdonalds.
it was such a quick trip because i wanted to see chris off for his snowboard trip with the young men. they left friday afternoon to head up to west virginia. 
(a good time was had by all. :)
that night darlaina had invited jodi and i to go with her to see jim gaffigan at the warner theater. jeff had bought tix, but then decided to go snowboarding so we were able to have a girls night. we ate at cheddars (it was as delicious as i remembered) and had a really good time. i had never heard of jim gaffigan, i didn't even know what i was agreeing to when i said i'd go, but i figured it would be a fun girls night, so it's all good. but he was really funny! i guess he's one of the last of the clean comedians and i really enjoyed the show. :)

saturday: i had the opportunity to go to meredith's baby shower and enjoy some delicious food and wonderful friends. she used to be a pastor at an assisted living facility, so there were about 15 older ladies there to help us celebrate her. there were dotty's and wilma's and ethel's and they were all so cute! they made it seem so fun to live all together in their home, almost like a big, older person dorm. i know it's not always like that, but maybe it's more in the way you look at things, you know? 
finding joy in your season.

it was so warm that day! but, bummer, it rained hard all day too. i had planned to take the girls out to play in the warm rain, but naps and other schedules didn't allow for it. when i got home lexi and i blitzed (it's amazing what they'll do when they want friends over) and by the time we were done frankie and addie were already petitioning to be done resting. so we had a girls movie afternoon and watched cheetah girls. my vote was for princess diaries, but i guess that will be next time. :)
sunday: it was a navy weekend, so we missed daddy, but the new 1 o'clock church schedule made getting everyone ready very easy. i love 1 o'clock church, but i had conveniently blocked out the falling asleep on the way home and crying through dinner. it's hard to miss naptime, but i still love 1 o'clock church.

tonight was taco night. 
and tomorrow is another week.

lastly, some positive self talk. it might sound hoaky, but i'm really working on this.
 and (lastly again) this new years resolution of mine goes right along with our rs lesson today, all about how very amazing we are because we have all been created in the image of God and just how can you go wrong with that?
(lastly again, again)
you are amazing too!

green hot chocolate

addie came in before the other girls on one of the snow days, so we fixed up some of the green hot chocolate that santa had left. 

enjoying the aroma.
the best part.
i love pictures. 
i love capturing different looks that i get to see all day and now i'll forever remember. because if they weren't captured and saved, i would forget.
and that super cute mug thar? dollar tree, yo! i found a stray one in seattle and squirreled it away in my suitcase because our dollar tree is still out! i'll be looking in cali and then dad picked some up for me in washington as a last resort. love 'em!

of polar vortexes and 60°

The weather last week was, true to SOMD form, cray-cray. Monday was fine, and even warm if I remember correctly. Then as the sun went down, so did the temp, big time. Tuesday brought the polar vortex, a fancy shmancy way of saying c-c-cold. 
our weekly summary:
monday - rainy and warmish
tuesday - coldest day in the history of the world. high of 19°, low of 9°, but with wind chill it felt more like -9°. not that i went out in that, that's just what they said. and you know how they are.
wednesday - cold and still snowy
thursday - warmer. still some snow.
friday - rainy rainy. we were startled to get a phone call from the school district at 5:40 that there would be a 2-hour-delay. i hadn't heard anything about any weather, so i was shocked! the kids leave for seminary at 6, so i went to talk to lexi and she was like "oh yeah, they were talking about an ice storm." (they again) i guess the roads in northern st. marys county were bad, so they delayed. strange, but still fine.
saturday - super warm and rainy
stupid broken window.
ps - addie informed me that she would never let adam go out on the roof. adam is her not-boyfriend-because-we-don't-date-till-we're-16-but-she's-gonna-marry-him-friend. what's with my kids?!
another crazy weather week under our belts up in here.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Friday night

Chris and I needed to run by target, so before we picked up Alexis for the night we decided to pop in on her and grab some yo kool! She was so excited to see us! 
I have very similar pics of her doing this at Applebee's. 
If you decide to go, I don't recommend the salted caramel pretzel flavor. I am not picky, buy blech. 
I did lots of funny things like shout "miss! Miss, can I get a water over here? Miss?" She loved it. 
Date night with the gangsta.
Friends Ryan and Amy just happened to be there too, interesting.
It's a really cute little store with a fun atmosphere. It's easy to see why she likes working there. (:

snow day

i had heard we would be getting snow on friday and then that we would not be getting snow. since i preferred the latter, that's what i went with, so i was mildly surprised when thursday night laney and i looked out to find a winter wonderland outside. the flakes were fat and beautiful and swirling all around. i turned off my alarm because i knew friday would be cold and the snow wouldn't melt, and there was no way southern maryland would have school with this much snow. luckily for me, matt was also home, so by the time i moseyed out of bed the trip had already been outside and were enjoying some hot cocoa.
 have i mentioned how thankful i am that matt finished school?  because i really like having him around!
 matt and i had an appointment and after that we went to lunch and some window shopping at the antique and craft shops in leonardtown. it was a nice midday date and i guess fortuitous that our teens were home to sleep while the little girls played. :)
 the rest of the day we hung out, watched a movie and ate leftovers.
t'was a nice snow day, but i can't help feeling like it would have been nicer in a month or two when everyone could really use a break. :)

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Today was back to school! I drove the seminary bus this morning and came home to expound on the mysterys of life with Matt before he left for work.

Frankie, laney, and I played together all morning. I cleaned off one side of the sliding glass door for Frankie to draw on. She started drawing circles with a long line coming out of them, then little lines crossing the long line. She told me it was the stinging caterpillar we'd read about. (and that she was fascinated by) it's hard to see, but she did a really amazing job! She's such a cool kid.
We jumped and read and watched frozen videos. I've been pretty slow to get back to work or do much of anything productive. So playtime it was! We ate a nice lunch and read some books. The girls napped hard and Frankie had the hair to prove it. and yes, we did stay in our christmas jams all day, thanks for asking.
Tonight I had an additional mtg committee mtg. 

On a side note, on New Years morning I was sitting on the floor in our bedroom (charging ma phone) when I heard the loudest crash, the floor shook, and then glass shattering. It startled me so bad, I ran to check Lexi, then downstairs to check the garage which is right beneath our bedroom, then to check Christian. (Matt had taken the girls to get donuts.) I couldn't find anything amiss, so I let it go. 

Then today I was changing in our closet and happened to look out the blinds and found that one of the small side windows in our closet is completly cracked! Not sure if it was a bird or a mischief maker, but detective Shelly is on the job and we'll figure it out asap. Super bummer, there are lots of other things I'd rather spend a couple hundred dollars on. :(

We've got a cold front coming tomorrow and it's started snowing. It's beautiful.