Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our newest...

I know I've got lots of updating to do. And not a lot of time to do it. But I wanted to share our newest little cutie. Like her big sister before her, she's a hands in front of her face kinda girl.

Here she's saying "Stop looking at me!"

And I think this is when she fell asleep towards the end and wouldn't cooperate at all.

And she's already such a little lady with her feet crossed!

I love her so much already! Isn't it amazing how you can love something that you've never met and causes such discomfort!

Now we can get to the fun planning part. Names, rooms, and futures.
We are so blessed.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Saturday, October 3, 2009

16 Whole Months - By Addison

Soooo, I know we're technically a little late on this, and we were tempted just to forget it all together, but it's kinda tradition that I update everyone every month, at least until our new baby comes to take over.

So I should explain our tardiness.

We had a little camera malfunction.

First the pictures wouldn't upload.

Then they were scrambled.

And deleted from the camera.

Good thing it's only a months worth of memories.

So this post will be kinda short.

And some of the pictures are scrambled.

But I did my best.

And I'm cute, so I think it's okay.

Here I am at playgroup. We went to an awesome pumpkin patch and I got to play with lots of trucks in a corn box! Not a sand box, but a corn box! Bet you didn't even know there were such things, did you?! But you'll hear more about them later!

(the only non-scrambled picture of me in the corn box was the one where I'm climbing out. Deal with it.)

We went to a Farm Life Festival and I found my new calling in life.
I'm gonna be a firefighter!
They had a mini fire truck that talked and I wanted to hug it and follow it, but I couldn't even touch it.
(those pictures scrambled too.)
So I settled for getting in this old style one.

They also had cool John Deere tractors we got to try out. This picture is the best of that batch.

Remember how I said you would hear more about that corn box. Well, at the Farm Life Festival they had a corn box too!
And I was wearing flip flops.
After a few hours I fell asleep and my mom took my shoes off, and look what they found!
Corn had gotten in my shoes and imprinted on my poor little tootsies!

I love acting like my big brother and sister. I take their lunch boxes and act like I'm a big girl going off to school.

Too cute not to share.

I have a cute reclining chair in the living room that I like to unwind in.
Sometimes I bring my dog along and we chill for awhile.

I love my brother! Even when he tries to steal my snacks!

I took a few tumbles this month and scratched up my nose and lip.
I'm okay though.
And I promise, next months post will be more entertaining!
And not so scrambled.

See you then!